Whole30 Summary

My first 30 days ended yesterday and I know I said I wasn’t going to post a summary but I couldn’t help it.   😉

Over the Last 30 Days
Eggs = 86
Bone Broth = 81 Litres
Water = 44 Litres
Kombucha = 23.5 Litres
Cups of Coffee (w/ coconut milk & gelatin) = 36
Decaf EG Tea Lattes (made w/ coconut milk) = 11
Mayo = 4 Cups
Sleep = 251.5 Hours
Green Time = 867 minutes (14.5 hours)

As far as what I gained while I was eating all that food and spending so much time sleeping? I gained clearing skin (FINALLY), revitalizing sleep, stronger hair and nails, a stable mood & happier disposition (even in the face of stress or upset), consistent energy, consistent outdoor time, interesting information about my relationship with food and a huge sense of accomplishment!

Me, on Day 30!

Me, on Day 30!

So what did I lose? Bloat, stomach upset, mild depression and hopelessness, anxiety, brain fog, eczema and a short temper.  I also lost a total of 4.5″ across my entire body which is not overly significant and which temporarily suspended my delight at completing my first 30 days.  Fortunately I then took my head out of my ass and celebrated the 4.5″ and all the other amazing markers that remind me that I am happier and healthier!

W30 Measurements

BA Front BA Side

So, the next 30 days? So exciting! Daunting, a bit.  But exciting and challenging and I’m open to whatever might come, whatever I might learn about myself and whatever path this experiment takes me down.  I’m ready!


4 thoughts on “Whole30 Summary

  1. Awesome results!! Congratulations my friend, you have done fantastic. So glad to hear you got such positive results and I wish you the best of luck in your next 30 days! I have loved following along (stalking) you on your journey, keep up the good work! xoxo

  2. So interesting to follow you on your journey here. I am the worst at sticking to something the way you did. 30 Days – YOU DID AMAZING!!! How do you keep track all your info?

    • Hey Lynn, thank you! I’m very proud of the 30 days and though it seems daunting to continue on for another 70-ish, I know it’s the right thing to do for me!

      Your question about tracking all the info, I assume you mean the eggs, broth, green time etc? I have a tab along the top of the page called Whole30 Logging….I update it every day so when I went to do the summary I just went through and added up the things like water, eggs, sleep etc. (needless to say, I have a bit of extra time on my hands at work, LOL!)

      Thanks for your comment and for reading along!

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