Whole 30 Week Four Recap

Don’t forget that I’m keeping a Whole30 log as a separate tab along the top.  Go here

Overall feeling: really awesome, actually. Level and stable and clean and firing on all cylinders!

Hardest aspect: feeling super nauseated and sick on Sunday (fuzznnaise incident) and not knowing what I could give myself to feel better.

Easiest aspect: I guess the fact that this is all starting to become “old hat” including having “happy hour” with kombucha and no potato chips and going out for a ride and drinking clear tea with no “treat”. I’ve been thinking a lot about moderation and if I could do it…and I still think no.

Suckiest thing this week: being reminded of what stress feels like. I can happily say that I generally live my life mostly stress free. That was certainly not the case a year ago and it floors me that I spent so many years living at such a high level of chronic stress, discomfort, upset and unhappiness. I had a couple stress-related events this past week and driving home one day I could actually TASTE my stress reaction and I was reminded of how that used to be the taste in my mouth and the feeling in my head/chest, every day. Some things you don’t notice until you eliminate them and then they make a reappearance…stress is one of them. I really thought, back then, that it was normal to live that sort of high octane life as long as you can “manage” or “handle” it…and it’s really not. This is not to say that I live each day on a cloud of spun gold and that I shower in sparkles and kitten kisses….not at all…..but that chronic physiologic stress reaction that I was in 24/7…that is gone.

Interesting observation: reduced congestion….as in….I can actually breathe freely more often than not! I meant to mention this in my week three update but I forgot…and it’s just as well, because after the accidental poisoning (assuming soy-based), my sinuses/nasal passages clammed up like they were under assault. A few days past Soy-gate and I’m breathing mostly freely and unencumbered again. I used to also have (excuse the TMI) a constantly running nose….disgusting, yes. Gone. Full stop. I look forward to even more improvement in the breathing regard as time goes by! I also think this will be one of my quickest “warning signs” when I eventually do come off the plan.

Weird Trigger: I made the Well Fed Pina Colada Chicken one night last week and it has the jerk seasoning (which contains a good dose of cinammon & nutmeg) as well as some vanilla powder and coconut milk. The combo of the coconut milk, vanilla and cinammon/nutmeg sparked a huge pudding-craving MONSTER that I had to beat back with a clear decaf tea and some bone broth. It was a savoury dish so I found it strange that it would incite pudding-cravings; I don’t even eat pudding in my normal life. Just a quick sign from the Whole30 fates that I am not wrong in continuing on past 30 days, I guess. 😉

Skin, Hair, Nails: nails and hair is awesome, skin is finally clearing up!
Energy: overall is very consistent! No big dips or spikes, just level from the moment I get up until my head hits the pillow
Mood: also really consistent, no stabby, no hangry, no depressive
Green Time: 217 minutes of outdoor enjoyment. Said I was going to improve on that over last week and I definitely did!
Sleep/Sleep Habits: pretty great! Deep and restful sleep. Until very late last week I was still sleeping right to my alarm but hopefully I can start waking up naturally soon.
Digestion/Headaches: obviously soy-gate rocked my little world, but aside from that, no digestive upset and no headaches to report!
Cycle Hormones: this is a new one I’m watching because I would love to see all my hormones become more regulated and consistent. I won’t be able to tell this for a couple weeks but fingers are crossed!

Other Thoughts: My ”thirty days” is up on Tuesday but, of course, this was never meant to be a 30 day plan, it was a Whole100 right from the beginning. I’ll keep on posting weekly recaps as I continue on. As far as posting into the Whole30 Logging page, I kind of like the idea of being able to read back on the whole thing so I’ll keep posting there for now. On Wednesday morning I’ll retake my measurements since you are technically allowed to measure after the 30 days. I think that there should be some change in the measurements because my clothes seem to be fitting better….but having a bit of body dysmorphia (which I’m certain every woman on the plant has to some degree), it’s hard for me to SEE it when I look in the mirror. So measurement day will hopefully be a happy surprise.


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