Holidays Over! New Beginnings.

9 days, over in a blink! I posted some pics and rundowns on the other blog I have, I’ve linked to them here.

Cul de sac party and a morning at the lake

Cookies, gardening and an epically long walk in the city followed by lunch

Rain day, beach day and an evening harley ride

Beach day (again), lottery home touring and Rocky Point Park

Also rode to Whistler on Saturday, went for drinks and to try to encourage the grandbaby to get moving, cleaned up the garage, cooked, napped and read.

All in all it was a very wonderful and relaxing 9 days and I feel grateful for it!

Today is the beginning of my first Whole30. I was aaaaalmost going to start it yesterday until I decided I wanted to finish the last coconut popsicle. So for the want of chemicals on a stick, I started today instead of yesterday. But today was the original start date anyway so it’s all good. As mentioned previously, there is a tab along the top called “Whole 30 Logging” and I’ll update it every day. You can check it out now if you want….but it’ll be updated in the mornings of the next day (eg, Day 1 will be completely updated on the morning of Day 2).

Besides the very monumental task of achieving a successful Whole30, I also have a couple other goals that I’ll be doing for the 30 days. First, I’m back on my sleep schedule….9pm – 6am every day is sleep. That means….no staying up late on weekends and no sleeping in on them either. Gr. In the long run that actually does make me feel better so I’ll stick with it for at least the duration of this Whole30-100. Plus, it gives me an extra 6 hours every weekend that I otherwise do not have because I’m lounging around in bed. Second, I would like to achieve 30 minutes of green time every day for 30 days. That is; I want to be outside getting fresh air every day for 30 days….assumedly getting some sort of exercise with the dog or doing yard work, sitting on the garden bench doesn’t count.

That’s it. We’re waiting quasi-patiently for the grandbaby to come, holidays are over, Whole30 is underway.


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