7 Year Life Anniversary

WordPress just sent me a note this morning letting me know that today is my 7 Year Blogiversary!  7 years ago today I set up my first WordPress blog….which was the blog that I charted my course to health and happiness on.  Seems fitting since, nearly 7 years to the day later, I’m embarking on another health and happiness shakeup.

I’ve been putting this one off for years.  YEARS.  Since…..er…..2010 when I first heard about it.  I didn’t want it, didn’t think I needed it and wasn’t interested in doing it.  But the little voice in the back of my head has spoken up loud and clear and said that the time is drawing near.  Whole30.  I have given myself leeway to not do it because “most of our meals are W30 approved”, “I don’t want to give up alcohol”, “my eating is already restricted enough”, “I’m fine following my own rules”, “I don’t want to.”  And many, many more excuses!

 When I started thinking about doing it and I started making those same excuses again, I realized something.


“Most of our meals are W30 approved…..except when I use butter…or sour cream…or fish sauce….or the cheap sesame oil blended with soy oil….or corn starch.”  Not that there is anything necessarily wrong with those additives in general (except the soy…the soy is BAD) but the “wrongs” are sneaking in.

“I don’t want to give up alcohol……except I don’t really drink anymore so it’s a non-issue.”  Open bottles of wine last weeks or until I dump them out.

“My eating is already restricted enough…..except, no it isn’t!”  Ice cream, popsicles, potato chips, halva, GF cookies, GF muffins, GF tarts, chocolate.  Ya, not really restricted. 

“I’m fine following my own rules….except apparently I’m not because my rules are wispy and given to disappear randomly.” 


Once I’d realized that my excuses weren’t really valid anymore, the only one left was “I don’t want to.”  Only….I also don’t want to be itchy anymore, I don’t want to be feeling snug in my clothes anymore, I don’t want to be exhausted anymore.  Plus…..considering that if I refuse to make a change, nothing changes, I thought I would pick a change that has 10,000+ positive testimonials behind it and is based on science and logic that I know is true and that I completely agree with and understand.  Therefore, Whole30.  I always said I would do one eventually…when the time was right….and September 8th is the right time. 

I’m off on holidays next week (which is why I chose September 8th as my start date instead of the 1st like normal people) and I have plans for decompressing, unplugging, resting, being out in fresh air (rain or not…although it looks more like rain than not) and prepping my kitchen and my mind for a bit of a life reset.  I’m looking forward to it…..structure and detox and reset. 

I’m going to create a page along the top where I will track the various markers I’m trying to improve as well as log my meals. I’ll update it daily but it won’t show up as new posts….because I surmise that would be very irritating for people!

If you’re doing a Whole30 around this time, comment me up so that we can support each other!


1 thought on “7 Year Life Anniversary

  1. There is no doubt in my mind you are going to rock your W30. You’re already so aware and knowledgeable, you’re just going to kick ass all over the place. I am making some changes starting in September as well – although not committing to another W30 at this time – I’m excited to be on a similar page as you at the same time. I hope you will post lots during your W30, I’d love to hear your experiences and your take on things.

    I wish you the best of luck! Can’t wait to read about it.

    PS: Enjoy your holidays!!!

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