July 9, 2014: Makeover!

The blog.  Facelift.  I really love my new header, I feel like it encompasses everything in my life that I love; man, dog, food, garden, motorcycle.  What more does a woman need?!  I also updated the “About” page and think it gives a much better overall picture of where I’m going.  Not so much where I’ve been.  “Then” doesn’t matter, it’s done and it’s shaped me in whatever way it was meant to.  “Now” and “next” are what matter to me at this point and I’m glad to have my blog forward focused.
I just got notified that it is supposed to be 35C (95F) and 75% humidity for the next 10 days.  I’m gonna melt!  Good thing that I’m getting in the habit of getting up an hour early and walking Gracie in the morning, there is no WAY she could handle it in the evening (my poor pushed-in-snout baby!) and even less chance I’m going to do it!  On the plus side, this is going to make for some very cheap grocery shopping for next week and some very healthy eating, too!  Let’s just say lunches and dinners will be salad topped with any combo of:
leftover roasted root veggies
water chestnuts
peppers, green onions, mushrooms, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sugar peas, shredded carrot
cooked sweet potato
canned salmon
canned tuna
hard boiled eggs
canned oysters
scotch eggs
chicken thighs
garlic ground beef
seasoned ground turkey
I’ll probably buzz together a couple different dressings/sauces and then call it done.  Ray will have no problem with a big salad for dinner but he definitely doesn’t appreciate salad for lunch……but I don’t appreciate sweating to death in the kitchen, nor do I think that’s necessary….for the one week of the year we get that’s super-hot.  So, I’ve made sure that some of the things that are available for salads in the list above will also make decent sandwich or wrap fillings and as far as I’m concerned, they can even be eaten as a meal (cooked chicken thighs, baked yam, olives….sounds good to me!)  J
I’m on my own tonight since my mister is working OT for a couple of hours.  Fortunately it’s Chef’s Night Off.  Unfortunately I under planned for this week and we basically have no food available…..so I will be baking a couple chicken breasts and some legs/drums tonight for our lunches for tomorrow (easy peasy).  For dinner for me tonight?  Meh…..not super interested…..too hot….maybe an omelette? 
My second batch of kombucha got bottled yesterday evening (2 bottles Tri-Berry Banana and 1 bottle Blueberry Nectarine)…you can see them at the top of the new header…..and I’ve converted my operation over to Continuous Brew…and with this warm weather we’re having, I suspect the next draw-off will be ready in no time flat! So far I’m having a lot of fun with the KT and it’s been working great.  I was paying the equivalent of $8/gallon for something that I can make for about 8 cents/gallon.  Crazy!  If anyone in my area is interested in a scoby to start your own brew, let me know!  My guy will be big enough to surgically remove a portion any day now!

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