July 3, 2014: No One Died

You can click here to go and take a look at the pictures from our get together on Tuesday.  Gracie had a great time (as did we all!) but by the end she was maxed out on heat and birthday cake and ready to go lay on the couch (as were we all, LOL!).


Last night was our first installment of Chef’s Night Off and remarkably, no one died or found cause to disown the other.  It was glorious!  I made myself a salad (which I threw half out when I started to feel kind of icky) and Ray made himself a tuna melt and cut veggies from the fridge.  I loved it!  I will fully admit that I had some guilt feelings about sitting and relaxing while he had to make his own dinner….but I squished them down and let him take care of himself so that I could take care of myself…because this is healthier for both of us right now.  Tonight we do groceries and I’ll be starting my second cycle of kombucha making.  My first cycle is now in its second fermentation bottles with chunks of fruit and herbs.  It went in fizzy from the first fermentation so I think that bodes well for a fizzy, flavourful brew!  Given that my first fermentation only took 6 days and it yielded 3.5 litres of brew, I’m going to go invest in more storage bottles…I think Ikea has some flip top Grolsch style bottles which would be perfect.  The only difference with those would be that I would have to use pureed fruit rather than chunks…or I’d never get it back out.  No biggie though.

I’ve also become addicted to 30 hour bone broth.  I made chicken last week and have some quality pork bones arriving tomorrow.  Besides feeling extremely virtuous when drinking it, while it’s only been less than a week, I also feel like maybe my body is slightly less stiff and sore than it typically is.  I have a raft of jars now and will “can” the broth and store in the refrigerator.

So I’ve been doing bone broth in the mornings before first coffee and I’m planning to do a cup of kombucha after work each day.  Bring on the nutrients and improved gut health!  Also a benefit is that continued consumption of high quality bone broth reduces the body’s need for protein.  Given that the broth has bioavailable amino acids (proteins) in it that you cannot get from muscle meats, I surmise that this is the cause of the reduction in the body’s desire to eat protein.  I’ve also noticed, even here in the first week of broth consumption, that my insane drive to seek out sugar/sweets has been reduced to a manageable level.  Even this week…during my period.  I’ve read of others managing their sugar demon with bone broth so it’s not inconceivable.  


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