My Passion Experiment – One Month Summary

A month ago I scratched a list onto a piece of paper of a bunch of things that I could do that would help to recharge me and keep me balanced and centered. Here’s the list. The items in blue were done at least once over the month and the items in green did not get done in March.


  • Make bone broth
  • Paint nails
  • Wax legs (I had this done professionally…will NEVER go back to doing it myself!)
  • Make salt scrub
  • Make shampoo
  • Do Coquitlam Crunch
  • Exercise 3/week
  • Go on an evening mid-week coffee date
  • Do Sunday mall
  • Go on road trip
  • Get haircut
  • Wax underarms
  • Read before bed
  • Enjoy couch time
  • Make kombucha
  • Go tanning


I did not make kombucha or bone broth although I did go so far as to buy jars for it…..but I decided against it due to cost at the moment. The cost of all those jars I would need add up! I did not make salt scrub because I totally forgot about that one. I did not hit the Coquitlam Crunch because, quite honestly, the weather has been so shitty that it wasn’t feasible. The nice days we did have, I rode my bicycle to work…climbing up the side of a mountain after that just seemed foolish!


Overall I’m pretty pleased with how the “experiment” has been going. Admittedly last week wasn’t tops for me, I had (& continue to have) horrible seasonal allergies and have been wasted on allergy medication for three weeks now. Add some ongoing difficult family issues to getting some very bad news about a good friend’s health and the final week of March sort of sucked. I felt out of sorts and blue and a bit off my game. Ray and I were bickering a bit (which is, honestly, completely out of character for us) and I was also recovering from riding nearly 65 kilometers (40 miles) over 7 days. Many of those kilometers were uphill. My body was also recovering from falling off of my bike and onto the road and/or trail and/or curb more times than I would like to admit. That definitely took a toll on me mentally as well as physically. Made me seriously question my crazy idea of riding my bike as a method of commuting!


Anyway, I don’t want to paint all of March with the same brush because most of it was really good. We did a lot of eating at the table, we did some after dinner dog walking, we conserved our money, we only ate out twice in the month. My social media usage has gone WAY DOWN during my at home hours (that is a huge one for me!).


I’m going to continue My Passion Experiment in April with a focus again on self-respect and awareness. I would like to see April contain more bicycle commuting, more weekend gym rowing, more tanning, a haircut, painted nails, dedicated couch time, our Sunday mall date, a massage (this is booked!), coffee with a friend (this is booked too, right Tara?), a family dinner, a blood donor appt and maybe depending on the weather, a motorcycle ride. I especially want to practice turning negative thoughts and feelings over to positive and, eventually, having a positive (or at least neutrally optimistic) attitude as my default. I want the majority of the things that I do (if not all of them) to be things that are done with the intent of adding passion to my inner self and value to my life overall.


As I enter April, I do not have a goals list ready to “guide me” along the way. Maybe that’s a mistake and if it is, I’ll be the first to admit it. I mostly want to go through April happy, healthy and active. If I can pull that off then everything else will fall into place!


5 thoughts on “My Passion Experiment – One Month Summary

  1. That’s quite a list of accomplishments! If you get around to making bone broth and kombucha, I would love to hear about it…I’m toying with the idea of making kombucha just because the cost of buying it in stores is outrageous.

    Great idea for setting monthly goals like that for yourself..and good luck in April without a goal list. I’m sure you will do great 🙂

    • Oh, I know! I love the kombucha but I nearly need a second job to support it! Stupid Easy Paleo has a great “course” on her website….and you don’t even need to buy a SCOBY, you can make your own! Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’ll definitely post my success or fail on the ‘booch if I can get around to doing it. That and oil pulling….have been mulling that one over forever too but can’t seem to make the leap! LOL!

  2. YES! Coffee date is definitely on. Really looking forward to seeing you.

    Also wanted to mention, if you ever wanted a partner to do the Coquitlam Crunch I might be interested. I know that with the difference in our leg lengths we would likely not actually be together the whole way but we could start together and meet at the top!

    Glad to hear your passion experiment is going well and really sorry to hear about the shitty end to March. Keep on going my friend. You’re incredibly inspiring.


    • Haha….I remember trying to walk across the bridge together that one time….never really took notice of the difference in our heights until that day!

      Sure, the Coquitlam Crunch sounds like a good date. The nice thing about that one is that you walk back down the same way you came up…so even if we don’t go up together, leg length should not inhibit us from descending together!


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