March, In Like A Lion

I was going to do a “picture an hour” post this morning about my Saturday.  It’s a thing going around right now for a neat post.  You take one picture every hour.  I took one the first hour, one the second, forgot the third and then got busy and ditched the idea.  So while I didn’t end up with one every hour, I’ll share what I did get.

Let me preface this weekend “outline” by saying that there was a LOT of lazing around and couch time….which is exactly what I wanted to end February.

Friday night I was, once again, home alone for awhile while Ray went for dinner with his mom (I hate the restaurant that they go to and would rather skip!) so I did the extra fun task of grocery shopping, dishwasher unloading, mayonnaise making and meat packaging.  I LOVE meat packaging day.  Makes me feel all content.  Friday night was an early to bed one, mostly because I was bored and didn’t feel like staying up.

1. Meat

Saturday morning I loaded myself into the truck and went about 45 minutes up the freeway to my mom’s house to pick up my new sideboard.  I have desperately needed some storage in the kitchen, our cupboards are packed with fry pans, pots, crockpots, glassware for lunch containers, stoneware, food processor and mix master.  PACKED.  It’s a puzzle getting things out sometimes and a complete ‘giveup’ putting them away from time to time.  Many a time one of us has gotten frustrated and either just left the item sitting out (on our very limited countertop space) or whipped the item into the cupboard and slammed the door, hopeful that nothing was broken.

No more!  My mom and sister and I went thrift shopping a few weeks ago and I found something I really liked that was absolutely perfect for my storage needs.  Only….they wouldn’t sell it to me unless I took the table and chair set that was with it. My mom persevered though and went back every second day to bug them into separating the sideboard off.  And they did so I got to go and get the one piece on Saturday.

First up though was a visit with her little furball!

1a. Tucker

After the doggy-loving we went to get the sideboard.

2. Haul

I knew it was big but I had no idea how HEAVY it was!  It is solid hard-wood and weighs about 350 pounds. It took Ray and I 20 minutes of heaving and resting and heaving to get it out of the truck and upstairs…around a corner and finally into position!

3. Sideboard

I’m debating painting it or stripping and restaining it.  It is a bit chewed up in spots so it does need to be refinished….just not sure how yet.

After we got the sideboard all in place and full of cookware (LOVE how it’s working and the extra spacious cabinets I now have), we took Gracie and went to a dog birthday.  Not just any dog, this particular one is becoming a bit famous in our area. He was diagnosed with bone cancer and isn’t a candidate for surgery, he’s going to die soon. Instead of getting too sad about it and missing out on his last good days, Riina (his mom) made him a bucket list and has spent the last months marking things off.  Meeting Biff Naked, drinking beer at the pub, riding in police cars and firetrucks to name a few.  His 9th birthday came this weekend and she threw him a party for all his boxer-dog friends.

5. Romeo

Gracie was a good sport and played nicely with the other dogs, donned her bday hat for pictures and ate cake!

4. Bday Hat

You can click this link: if you want to read more about Romeo.

After the party it was naps all around, some cooking and some hockey watching

5a. Sleeping

Sunday was more of the same but with a trip to Mecca….Gourmet Warehouse thrown in. Sunday was a lazy day (as always) filled with television, silly dog playing, reading, some cooking and movies.

6. Couch Hog


7. Movietime

I made absolutely certain to spend as much of the weekend (and the end of February) doing lazy, relaxing things.  I want change in March and I work well with drawing a line and then stepping over it to start.

Tonight we’ll be working on getting Pedals all geared up so that as SOON as it stops being winter outside, I can bicycle to work.  It has either poured with rain, snowed like crazy or been freezing rain the last four weekends in a row.  It’s been awful!  So… much as I would prefer to “test run” my ride to work and back, I’m almost positive that’s being chucked out the window.  The moment it’s sunny out, I’ll be riding to work, test-run complete or not.  Pedals will have new, clip-in pedals put on tonight, the headlight and taillight batteries replaced, the odometer calibrated and then tomorrow I’m going to go after work and get new panniers and gloves.

In the meantime…while it’s pissing down with rain outside, I’ll be rowing at the gym in the mornings.  I desire change in both my body and my attitude and the only way to make change is to be the change.  Someone, please remind me of this at 4am!



4 thoughts on “March, In Like A Lion

  1. so riddle me this why when I use freezer bags do I still get freezer burn. I’m using freezer bags, no idea why only i get freezer burn. With meat like that u must know.

    • Hi! I use Ziploc brand freezer bags and I do get some freezer burn as well after about 3 months. Freezer burn is generally due to air in the packaging which is partly why I will flatten the meat out so that it takes up the entire Ziploc bag…just less room for air. They defrost faster that way too…just in case you forget to take the meat out in advance.

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