Oh, Monday….be kind to me today!  I’m suffering quite a bit with my Alien this morning, I’ve had the dropsies all weekend and smashed my head against A) a cupboard door, B) an oven hood fan and C) a cutting board (don’t ask).  I’m cranky and feel quick to tears this morning.

None of this is helped by what Gracie did on the weekend.  Let’s just say that 4 pounds of frozen solid, bone in, skin on chicken thighs mysteriously went missing.  We discovered the culprit when she squeezed back in through the dog door with a huge frozen mass in her gut and her fur on so tight that it looked it was three sizes too small.  So….we were on dog watch duty all weekend while she fidgeted, cried, waddled and sweated through the digestion process.  Brutal.  And if you’re wondering, it’s not that the chicken was easily accessible, it was IN the kitchen sink.  Where it always goes.  I didn’t even think she was tall enough to get her head in there. I was obviously very wrong.  (she’s fine now)

Anyway, Friday afternoon I was very excited to finally receive delivery of my Great Lakes Gelatin!!!!!!  It really is completely flavourless and odourless and dissolves perfectly in cold water (I bought the hydrolyzed version).  I’ve been putting my tablespoon in my morning coffee….you’d never know it was there!  There were some cautions online about a bit of a detox process when you first start taking it but neither of us have noticed anything unusual.  The comments were “viscious headaches” and nausea and the runs.  No reaction from us…I guess we are already detoxified!


What else……my Century.  Last week I had been wondering if I should keep trying to achieve it……and I think I’m going to move forward with it.  It’s still achievable, if a little more difficult.  Tara suggested that I add on the amount of days that I was laid up for…..and I may do that if I have to….but I’m really going to try to get it within the original goal period so that I can happily go and buy myself a hot tea and turn myself over to someone else.  Really looking forward to that, so the final push is on.


I’m hoping that this coming weekend weather holds out because I really want to ride my bicycle down to work and back to gauge the time and route.  March should have at least a couple days a week in it that I should be able to cycle to work…..but only if I know how long it takes and how to get here!

Overall I think I’m feeling pretty content with life right now (stupid, boring job notwithstanding).  Of note, I’ve cut back on my fat intake substantially….once I started actually measuring I realized that I was going way over board and I’ve pulled the measuring spoons out again.  I know that the idea is that we’re just supposed to eat intuitively….but that does not work 100% for me.  They say that no one overeats pork chops and roasted Brussels Sprouts and I fully agree with that.  I definitely don’t measure out food in that aspect….but I can be known to drink my coffee with nearly the same volume of coconut milk as coffee.  Or eat an entire avocado in a day or a batch of homemade mayo in a week after I’ve just polished off a double batch of sunshine sauce.  I can be an egg-eating-machine and don’t even get me started on almond butter.  So I’m measuring for a while…..and yes, restricting my fat intake somewhat.  I’m also throwing out my “food-clock” and again, making a conscious effort to judge my hunger vs “it’s time to eat”.  I’m pretty happy with how I feel both mentally & physically after a week of having done all of this.

We had a major windstorm with super heavy rain last night so I’m curious to take Gracie through the park after work and see what the damage is in the forest.  And tomorrow is gym…..which I want to be excited about.  But I’m not really.  I still can’t go back to lifting and pullups and dips, my shoulder is still not 100%… I’m going to get some much needed Century mileage and then go from there.  I actually thought my shoulder was fine…until Sunday when I was in the backseat of my mom’s car and she had to slam the brakes to avoid getting us killed by a bus and my shoulder smoked the seatbelt pretty hard….so I was back with the ice yesterday and the Advil today.  Nothing serious though, just a bit tweaky.

Anyway, that’s it for me today.  I hope your Monday is treating you well…..I’ll be here, bored….with cramps….and fighting crushing cravings for lemon meringue pie and puffed wheat squares.  Seriously.  Shoot me.


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