Dog to the Shoulder

Remember this picture from a couple days ago?

photo 2

Remember how I said she crashed right into me at top speed?  It was HILARIOUS at the time, seriously funny, we both killed ourselves laughing.  I haven’t laughed since.  My right shoulder started aching on Monday night, a deep, bone-ache.  By this morning it was excruciating, couldn’t move it at all, Ray had to put my shoes on me this morning (after I’d cried for two hours trying to get myself ready).  Turns out that thanks to Gracie’s antics, I have trauma (bruising, bleeding) where the biceps attaches to the bone (called the biceps insertion), a torn deltoid and a heavily bruised spinus anterior muscle.  What all that means is ridiculous pain.  RI-DIC-U-LOUS.  Absolutely nothing I can do about it but let it heal.  Ice.  Ice.  More Ice.  Rest.  NO gym.  NO lifting anything…and that means NOTHING, including a fork to my mouth (ever try eating with your non-dominant hand?).  NO heavy breathing (ie, fast walk, stationary bike etc) because….the nerve that services the shoulder contingent is the same one that services the heavy breathing part of your diaghram.  Think about it…..when you are heavy breathing, what are your shoulder muscles doing?  Lifting your chest up and down to facilitate the breathing.  So…..nothing.

I am at work, apparently that is good for me…..small movements bring healthy blood flow to the area (typing, mousing…no writing because that requires grip strength…which starts in your forearm and travels to your bicep and delt…and believe me when I tell you, it most certainly does affect that area!).

Snowflake (my Jetta) is stick shift so Ray and I have to trade for awhile.

I’m borderline amused by all of this and borderline hysterical.  ALL of February’s fitness goals are in the toilet, I am in SO much pain (which hopefully will start to abate in a few days….dependant I guess on how much I really follow the “lift absolutely nothing” rule).

Ray is going to have to step up his game over the next few days…..this morning after I made breakfast (yes, seriously) and served both our plates and poured our coffees, he took his plate and coffee and went and sat down and left me and my breakfast and coffee standing in the kitchen….whereby I burst into tears because, seriously, HELP ME!  And then…..sitting on the sofa, crying into my breakfast while I tried to eat it, he made this comment, “So, what time on Saturday are you riding your bike to work?” and then laughed at me.  He is very, very lucky that I couldn’t lift my coffee or it would have been all over him!  SO not the time to be making stupid jokes about things that, quite honestly, are going to be depressing.

So….that’s where I am right now…..won’t be getting up to much….no bike ride this weekend, no Coquitlam Crunch, no Perimeter Trail run, no gym.  Nothing.  I’d be really bummed right now…..if I wasn’t busy being in so much pain I could puke.

Air Teddy out.


8 thoughts on “Dog to the Shoulder

    • Thanks, my friend….the sanity-keeping is a bit rough.

      Maybe this will be a good thing and I’ll find a little balance in a new way. Or maybe this is awful and I want to put my head through the wall….only time will tell! 😉

  1. Boxers love to run and I love their expressions when running. We have a 11 month old puppy. She has ran into me and broad sided me numerous times knocking me down. Boxers have so much muscle and I think that makes it hurt worse.. I hope your shoulder heals.

    • Haha, yes, they are the absolute sweetest dogs! Gracie is our fourth boxer out of five that we’ve had over the years. Her personality is “all fun all the time” (occassionally replaced by “all food all the time”. They are little balls of muscle though and when they want to play they forget that we’re not boxer dogs to roll around with!

      Thanks for commenting! Your profile picture is so sweet!

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. Talk about a derail! Crikey girl! Some of my most painful moments have resulted from horseplay with my dog (dogplay?). They’re strong beasts. I bet Gracie fells distraught that you’re injured.

    So, I agree with Shannon and would add that you should totally and completely give in to your recovery and not allow any stress to enter your mind about not moving more. You just can’t. Nothing to discuss.

    Keep us posted. Xo

    • Hi Megan! Gracie doesn’t understand what’s going on, all she knows is that her mom keeps crying and making in-pain noises. Her solution is to lay on teh couch beside me and lick the hand of my injured arm. Normally I hate that and don’t let her lick me but i’m finding it oddly comforting.

      As far as doing things…..I’ve had to rapidly shed the things that don’t matter and just focus on the essentials….like brushing my teeth….or getting my pants on.

  3. Holy crap Air Teddy! I’m sorry this happened 😦 Put your foot down with Ray and MAKE him help you! I’d come over there and help you but I think I’d probably pass out on the train and miss your stop 😉
    Love you!

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