Brain Dump

Cilantro:  I LOVE cilantro and I know that there are people that have an aversion to it but every time I put it into something I’m cooking it makes it taste like someone else made it, I love that!  Last night we had tacos (homemade taco seasoning, BETTER tasting than the packaged stuff and you probably already have it all in your pantry!) and I made some guacamole (whole avocado, a seeded tomato, quarter of a sweet onion, some garlic powder, some lemon juice and a big ol’ handful of cilantro!

Almonds:  I am prrrreeeettttyyyy sure that I have an almond intolerance.  I’ve been fighting some sinus congestion and pain for the last week or so, so this morning when I was able to breathe relatively freely, I took notice.  And then apple-time came and I slathered it in almond butter as I always do.  Less than 10 minutes later I was totally congested and back to being able to breathe through only around 50% of my nasal passages.  So……tomorrow marks the first day of 30 in which I will completely eliminate all nuts and nut butters (exception: coconut) and then very carefully add back the almonds/almond butter and see what happens.  I was reading online about it and they do say that nasal congestion is a common side effect of an almond intolerance.  Dammit.

Gym:  Yesterday I drove to work with 1/8th of a tank of gas and was supposed to stop on the way home and fill up.  Brain fog/sinus headache all day long and who forgets to stop and get gas?  I did !  So this morning when I went out to go to the gym and noticed that I had 1/16th of a tank of gas to get to the gym at 4am and back at 5:45 and that there are city bylaws in effect that gas stations don’t open before 6am, I had no choice but to go back to bed.  TO work is downhill, gas station on the way.  I never would have made it to the gym and back and then to work.  So, kind of bummed about that, was all geared up to go and then had to go back to bed.  Wait.  What?  So NOT bummed about that, LOL!  Tomorrow is a new day!  (I live about 3.75 miles fm work….so having nearly no gas is not that big a deal and a rather common occurrence)

90 Seconds:  Get ye over to 90 Seconds of Real, my beautiful internet friends!  Go give some love to Tara, Darcy, Megan and ME!  Let us know what you like (or don’t like), what you wish we’d talk about or if, maybe YOU would like to talk about something? Having guest posters is an angle that we have mulled over from time to time, let us know if you would be interested.  The women at 90 Seconds of Real aren’t experts, they are just real women living real lives!  We’re trying to talk to each other (and you) over distance, open up conversation and dialogue, support each other and have a little fun doing it.  Sound like you want to get involved?  Go click on over there and have a look around!  The comments are always open and we’re very quick to respond!

John B, baby: In January we set ourselves a limit that we would only eat out once this month.  I have cooked every single meal and snack all month.  Tonight is the big night that we’re going out for dinner.  To be honest….I don’t really want to go.  I don’t want the hassle or the sodium or the noise or the yucky bloated feeling.  I’m not drinking and my plan is to have a salad….but I’d honestly rather stay home and just make something.  I posted in 90 Seconds this morning that I am protecting my time and energy and I am not doing things I don’t want to do or going places I don’t want to go.  This is one of those circumstances though that I can’t say a word and better suck it up and make happy-face.  I drive a lot of what we do and don’t do and John B is one of those things that we used to (and will again) LOVE doing.  It’s a very fine line between improving your life and changing your life so much that it’s unrecognizable.

Run:  Ya….so….in a moment of weakness I got talked into signing up for a 7 Mile trail run on March 16th.  That’s 11.2km to be ready to run….in 6 weeks.  SOOO didn’t think that one through, not only do I not have time (or daylight hours) to train for that sort of distance on the trails, but I should have consulted a calendar because that race date falls right on my typical Alien Invasion day and logistically I might not even be able to leave the house.  However, I will work on some outdoor trail running on the weekends and continue to condition myself on the treadmill and rower at the gym and of course will keep lifting weights and eating well.  I didn’t feel completely spent after the 5k on Sunday so I think, even now without any extra training, that I could make a decent show of it if I had to.

Eric Church:  I am currently listening to “Give Me Back My Hometown” by Eric Church on repeat at ear splitting levels, I love it.  It makes me want to dance around and sing out loud.

Red Handed:  I have been snuggled all day into a scarf that my sister gave me for the run on Sunday and which I have adopted as my own.  I love it, thanks sis!



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