Wanted: Downtime

So my big plan of taking Gracie for a walk between 7 &8pm in the evenings fell through before it even got started.  Realistically, by the time dinner was over and cleaned up it was 7:05pm and I hadn’t even sat down yet, there was No Way I was taking my jammies off (which I put on the moment I come through the door after work) and going outside in the dark and the cold.  It’s possible that putting the pj’s on right after work is not a great idea for trying to get going, but I also need my own downtime.  Time when I am just sitting, not cooking or working or at the gym or cleaning or dog walking.  Just an hour to sit.  Scroll through Twitter.  Watch a show.  File my nails.

Fortunately when I got home I found that Gracie had been dog-napped earlier in the day and had spent a few hours off leash roaming around the Hatchery site with Kyle, doing what dogs do….so she wasn’t hurting for fresh air at all.  I think she’s going again today too.

I heard from Tara that she might be on board with joining the Century Life Ride goal, anyone else?  It’s totally do-able, approximately 2.5km per day between now and March 1st!  I’ve made a little chart that I’m going to use to track my progress.  It’s a little….er….rudimentary, but if anyone else wants to use it, let me know and I’ll send it along!  I’ve been telling people in real life about it as well….such that I am a competitive sort and don’t like any failure, let alone a public one.


In other news, I managed to serve two “hot plate” meals this week, various and random precooked and stir fried veggies with repeat meat (ie, same meat each time, just different seasoning) and Ray didn’t seem to catch on to what I was doing….so next week I’m going to do it again and try to serve it three times, it’s SO much easier for me and a departure from the “proper” meals that I have to dream up and cook.  Also, there are only so many ways to serve meat and vegetables, got to branch out a bit!

Still in food news, one of our new favourite things to do is take canned (or fresh if you want), pineapple, dice it up a bit smaller than it comes and throw that and sliced almonds into your cauli rice.  Last night was a frying pan full of riced cauli, a handful of shredded yam (thanks, food processor!), several large handfuls of fresh spinach, cooked carrots, celery & potato from the previous night and then I threw the pineapple and almonds in with it, a dash of coconut aminos and some garlic salt.  It turned out SO good and was ready in less than 7 minutes.   Then I let us each pick what we wanted for meat (we had the option of bora bora balls, citrus pork or cooked chicken thighs) and re-fried that in a separate pan with some coconut milk for moisture.

(on a side note, 16 days into January and I have cooked or prepared every single meal we’ve eaten….which is a little new to us, we typically eat at the pub around once a week, the diner on Sunday mornings and once out during the weekend for lunch…..that is a lot and this month’s “no eating out” rule is definitely saving us money and improving our health…..but I dreamed of a burger and fries from the pub last night…..it was so realistic that I had to ask myself if it had been real when I woke up!  I also dreamt of eating a bunch Pot of Gold chocolates….not sure what that means, exactly)  Aaaand….Ray doesn’t know it but this “no eating out” rule will be carrying over into at least the months of February and March.  😉

I am feeling a smidgen of a fraction of a percent better yesterday and today than I have in about 2 weeks….I wasn’t going to say anything because I’m scared to jinx it, LOL!  But….in the interest of being real…………..


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