Trust The Process

As I was starting to write this blog I got a text from my sister and we discussed pounds lost.  I told her that I didn’t weight myself before my  Jan 1 Cleanup but that I have an end of January goal that I’m working towards and I’ll weigh find out if I met it on February 1st.  Once again I got to thinking about the scale and whether or not what I’m doing is enough to meet the goal that I have and then my inner voice started getting all manic and panicky.  The fact is, once again (and forever) that if I am eating clean and well and getting exercise in an amount that fits within my life and takes a reasonable amount of effort to achieve, then I can’t worry about the results.  What if eating a clean diet in a proper amount and getting the right amount and kind of exercise doesn’t get me to where I want to be?

Two choices:

A) attempt calorie cutting and more/longer exercise

B) accept that it is what it is, I am where I am and I’ll get where I need to be eventually.

I choose (B) for sanity, reasonability, truth and because it’s the only option for having a life and creating a better life at the same time.


So… huge plan of things that I was going to do this weekend?  All got done!  I cleaned the fridge downstairs, went to Gourmet Warehouse with my sister & Andrea, made ceviche, cinnamon beef stew, turkey soup, roasted spaghetti squash, best chicken ever, coffee rub chicken, butternut squash pan fries, breakfast veggies, sunshine sauce, Moroccan sauce & mayo (twice because one flopped).  I also washed all the bedding (ours, guest and dog), went to the mall for tea and vitamins and walk/jogged 6km (3k twice) in the sun.  I actually feel really good about the weekend and more rested and recharged than I do when we just sit about all weekend.  Of note though, I kept to a planned timetable because there are certain parts of the weekend where, if I’m not sitting relaxing, I feel resentful.  So most of my chores above got done by 4pm on Saturday.  All that was left for Sunday was the mall, one load of laundry and a walk/jog in the forest.


If you haven’t seen them already, go back a couple posts on my blog and check out the Frost Flowers.  Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve had the fortune of seeing in a very long time….and exceedingly rare so I feel pretty lucky!


I’ll leave you with a few pictures from this weekend.  I got to work early this morning since I have a dr appt after work….still trying to figure out why I can’t get my iron levels up and why I feel So Tired much of the time.   My guess is a low B12 count which inhibits the body’s ability to absorb iron….and which can be hereditary and my Grampa has.  I take a fairly aggressive iron supplement every day and still can’t get it into a good range.  I’m not really worried about it but I would like to solve the issue once and for all!

photo 2

Couldn’t figure out why Gracie kept covering herself up on the sofa….until we realized that somehow we accidentally turned the furnace off…for two days. LOL!


A Frost Flower!

photo 3

My first kitchen injury in YEARS! Friday night when I was trying to make dinner…..the knife glanced off the cauliflower and straight into my thumb. It ended up being not nearly as bad as first thought, thank heavens!

photo 1

Starting at the top, coffee-rub chicken & butternut squash pan fries; Turkey soup (SO good); sunshine sauce, Moroccan sauce, chicken rub (and mayo, not shown); ceviche; breakfast veggies; cinnamon beef stew. And….my belt of groceries on Friday night!

 And….if you haven’t already, please go and check out our new project, 90 Seconds of Real, where four of us alternate posting 90 second daily videos encompassing pretty much anything to do with trying to live a balanced, healthy life amidst this modern culture that wants nothing more than to make us all overweight, unhealthy and sedentary.  I’m blessed to be joined in the project with three other intelligent, beautiful and well-spoken women, go check us out!


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