Oh, Friday! YAY!

Tomorrow Ray and I are celebrating the 6 year anniversary of our first date.  As I’ve mentioned before, when you’re not married and you just sort of drifted into living together, the only firm date I can really think of using is “First Date”….and since all the other days together came after it, it seems like a great marker!  I am so grateful and fortunate and lucky and blessed to have Ray in my life.  He’s a wonderful man who loves me a lot!  I was gently reminded earlier this month by a friend that I have a husband who loves spending time with me and that is so much more valuable than any gift he can buy in a store.  We do Everything together; we tag team most chores and we spend all of our evenings and weekends together.  Admittedly, yes, I do get annoyed sometimes by certain personality traits that he has but I know good and well that there are things that I say or do that he doesn’t like and he just lets them go.  I will work on that going forward!  Ray values my opinions and my talents and respects the things that are important to me, sometimes even when I struggle to respect those things myself.   He’s sweet and caring and funny and he melts my heart.  I don’t know what I would do without him and I choose to never find out.

On the fitness front, I have signed my sister and I up for a 5k run near the end of January. It’s called the Chilly Chase and I’m kind of excited about it.  I signed us up under the caveat that at the beginning of March we would then run a 7 or 8k so it’s going to be time to get that training going, the race(s) are already paid for!  I have goals in the first part of the year to lose about 15 pounds that I’d gained over the last hellish year of enormous stress and emotional upheaval, nothing too ridiculous, perfectly manageable and achievable…if I can just A) get to the gym and B) stay away from the chocolate! Say it with me, “Eat Veggies, Not Chocolate!”.  LOL!

And of course, because it is coming, the looming New Year in which we must immediately make huge, sweeping changes to our lives because the calendar flips over and we all have social media telling us to Change Everything, I have to put my twenty cents in on the subject.  I don’t make resolutions.  They are a bit silly, really, because you cannot predict now what the rest of the year is going to look like and as someone who had their year completely blown to smithereens, sometimes you just have to get from day to day.  That said though, I do have some areas in my life that could use some…um…solutions.  Solutions, not resolutions.  I need to solve some problems and I need to think of ways to create those solutions that work for my life the way it is Right Now.  Not my life the way I wish it was or how I think it should have turned out.  My life now.  With its changes and bumps and bruises.   I got smacked around a bit this year and there are some lingering welts from that.  The nice thing with the turn of a new year is that it’s a line in the sand….much like a birthday or an anniversary.  It’s a marker with which to measure progress, events and the passage of time.  Instead of only using the year as my marker though, I’ll be using each month as its own marker and I have some plans for each month that I hope will help build the solutions that I need.  I’ll be posting next week some further details on that, if only to flesh them out for myself.  I would like to be able to measure each month against the one before and the one that comes after and in that way I can make revisions and ensure that my plans and goals work with my life as it is in that month rather than making a decision now that is, in theory, meant to last and still be valid 365 days away.

Our new project is coming along nicely, the ladies are starting to get their bios done for the “About” page and are posting their headshots and, I suspect, practicing their recording, lighting and chatting skills.  I’m so excited about this and I cannot wait to welcome you all over there and let you meet the other amazing women in the project and for us to meet all of you!


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