Enjoy All The Things!

It’s no secret that I have long enjoyed writing, I’ve had a few blogs over the years that can attest to that.  Sometimes people even tell me I do a pretty good job of it!  What I have never had, is anyone comment on my photography skills.  Mostly because I only really take pictures, on my iPhone, of food, alcohol and my dog.  Not much there to praise.  You can imagine my complete surprise when I received an email from the coordinator of a food feature in our provincial and city newspapers telling me that they’ve seen my photos and want me to contribute!  What the WHAT?   I went and did a little research and discovered that there are large number of people that participate in this spread every week and so, while flattered that they came to me about it, anyone can sign up online to request to play along.  I responded to the email and said “sure, sign me up”, since she offered to do the process for me instead of my having to go online and do it.  When I submitted my first picture for the spread this week, I was shocked once again to hear from the coordinator that they appreciated my entry but that they want me to be a FEATURE contributor.  The feature contributors have larger portions of the layout every week with a pencil-sketch headshot, links to twitter and Instagram and a food bio!

I’m quite certain that they make sure they have a LOT of feature contributors in their files to pull out and use, so I’m not under any impression that I’m one of a kind (besides the fact that obviously I’m one of a kind, just like everyone else!)….but I thought it was really cool to be “found” and then solicited to participate in this thing! The week’s spread is published for the Saturday newspapers and then they post it online, once they do I’ll find it and post it here!

In the meantime, this year, considering that I’m not really pulling a full workload at the moment, I wrote a Christmas newsletter to send out to a few people. It’s being printed right now (so much cheaper to send it out and print than to use up the ink in our little desktop printer!) and I’ll go and pick it up tonight.  I’ve attached shots of each page if you’re interested in taking a look at it!

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

On the fitness front I can sure feel my arms this morning and I’m not really sure why…except perhaps supporting myself during the sprinters and the donkey kicks yesterday?  Or was it the hour of snow-shovelling that I did yesterday?!  Tomorrow is the next gym date on my calendar; I’ll be doing a 25 Minute Treadmill sprints/intervals workout that I found online and then an upper body weights workout.  Good times.

In reading this blog post, it occurred to me to reassess my own….err….volume of food.  We really do only eat whole, healthy foods for 90% of our meals and treats and wine are limited to one or the other and only one per night.  Unfortunately I have maintained my weight for the past month and maintaining it is not where I want to be.  I am determined to lose the 10-15 pounds that I harvested in this past year and my “healthy whole foods” attitude is screwing me up!  Why?  Because I’m still eating too much!  Sure, going to the gym will help…..but…..it occurred to me that I’m eating for someone who is laboring outside all day long, not someone who is sitting at a desk for 8 hours and then hanging out at home in the evening.  Too. Much. Food.  Even if it is veggies roasted in good fat and clean ground meat turned into sausages and nuts and oranges and scrambled eggs and pecan chicken and mashed garlic cauli and spiced pork tenderloin.  All healthy and whole.  Just too much.  And considering that I am nearly never hungry, that’s probably a decent sign that I’m experiencing too much volume!

Soooo…..scaling back a bit starting today. Not enough to re-form any of my old habits of beating myself up and hawkeye’ing the scale.  Just….eating less food.  Sounds fairly safe, right?  Could help going into the holiday season (which, for me, blows up starting tomorrow) in enjoying all the things…..in less volume.


Tonight I think we’re heading out after dinner to get a coffee at a favourite spot and then go look at Christmas lights!  I’m totally excited about it!




1 thought on “Enjoy All The Things!

  1. Shannon – how great! Congratulations on the contribution request! Can’t wait to see your work. Good luck sorting out the rest. Finding and staying healthy sure is a lot of work – at least it is for me.

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