Halfway Mark

Halfway through and that much closer to coming home.  Actually, being here in Portland hasn’t been so bad this time, it’s amazing what having one’s own rental car/freedom can do to improve on a crappy situation!

After having eaten one breakfast and one dinner in the hotel restaurant, even though it was all “approved”, I felt really crappy and chalk it up to the sodium.  So after work yesterday I popped back over to safeway and bought some smoked salmon, crab meat and grilled chicken breasts along with some steamed beets, some fresh guacamole, some fresh strawberries and a couple Kombucha (how DO you pluralize Kombucha?!).  Dinner last night after the gym was the salmon, some guacamole, some coleslaw and a kombucha with an Almond Butter spoonful for dessert!  I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better than I had yesterday! I also burned up an hour in the gym yesterday after work, ran 2 miles and then did a shoulders, chest, triceps weights routine and it felt great! 

I also stopped at Target on the way back to the hotel yesterday and picked up a new suitcase (I’d accidentally pulled on a loose thread and unravelled the zipper on my suitcase!) and some new workout clothes, will definitly be going back before I leave for a couple more tops!

Tonight the girls here in the office asked if they could come to DSW Shoes with me as a group outing and then head for dinner afterwards.  I’m SO excited to go shoe shopping and one of the other girls follows a similar eating plan as I do so we should be able to find somewhere suitable for dinner!  I would not normally go shopping with other people, but it would have been really awkward to say no.  And…..if it fails horribly, I can always go back tomorrow after work!

So…..at the halfway mark now, gym tomorrow morning, a bit more shopping after work tomorrow and then gym Friday and a half day at the office and then the airport and home again.

It’s been not bad this time…..I do definitely miss Ray and Gracie (FaceTime has helped with easing that though!) but this has been so much better than my first experience……which is good because I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back here more often than not.





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