Eye Of The Hurricane!

I predict I have approximately 3 minutes of relative quiet right now to bang this off and then get back to work.  It would seem that I am currently sitting in the eye of the hurricane….relative calm while the storm swirls around me, waiting to close in and suck the life out of me again!

I got a really nice email from someone I’ve never met, wanting to check up on me.  I appreciate that SO much, these days are brutal and long and I’m so mentally exhausted at the end of the day that I’m surprised I haven’t injured myself or burned down the house!

  • Strike status hasn’t changed, they’re still picketing.  Union meeting today, Ray is going to ask/find out if there has been any discussion with the company.
  • Work hours status hasn’t changed, still working about 11 hours every day
  • It’s been 9 days of this so my health (mental, emotional, physical) is starting to show signs of wear
  • Ray and I are fine but my patience with his lack of chores/helping while I’m at work is also starting to show signs of wear
  • Our finances haven’t felt it yet but they will soon and while I’m at work every day, Ray still doesn’t seem to get that he’s not supposed to be spending money! So while I’m cracking my head against the desk for 11 hours, he’s gone out for lunch twice (that I know of)……not cool, buddy, not cool!
  • Next week I’ve slotted myself off this bullshit 5:30am shift and will be coming in later so that I can go to the gym!  We’ll see if my exhausted body actually goes for that!

I think that’s about it!  We had Ray’s birthday last weekend which was lovely and his mom treated us to the pub night (Thanks!) and Ray got to eat birthday cake with every meal for about 5 days!  This weekend we’re supposed to go visit some friends at a campsite where they are staying…………..but I just can’t commit to anything right now and I suspect I’ll end up being the fun—wrecker and cancel so that I/we can stay home and relax a bit.  Whatever…….sitting in a group of 15 people I barely know making small talk isn’t a priority right now. 

This week I committed myself to not eating ANY shit and junk food (it’s plentiful around here right now!) and I definitely feel better than I did last week and I’m sleeping a bit better.  Unfortunately it’s Alien Week starting today so if I felt crappy before, it’s not going to get any better for a few days.

That’s it for me……………..and I’m certain that’s all the whining that anyone needs to hear!  Apologies for not reading or commenting blogs, I could see myself being unemployed down the road so then I’ll have tonnes of time, right?  Haha…..ok, that wasn’t funny at all.

Gotta run, that storm is closing in!

Here’s a video of Grace eating off of a fork! 



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