Strike, Day Three

Here we are, on Day Three of the Strike….and one day before the company goes forward with the Lockout.  Obviosuly, as I’m sure you can guess, things are awesome!  Haha.

I’ve been up at 4am every morning and on the road at 4:45 to get to the “undisclosed shuttle location” to be picked up and dropped at my desk to begin work at 5:40am.  It’s frigging rough and I hate it.

Yesterday I was supposed to work until 5pm (an 11.5 hour day) and I was completely resigned to it.  Then?  At 2:30?  There was an area wide power outage.  No power?  No workie!  I hopped the shuttle, got to my bike and rode myself the hell home.  We packed up a little picnic of ribs and greek salad from the night before, gathered the dog and ourselves into the car and went on a mid-week date.  First stop was a favourite coffee shop where we sat at lovely tables on a little breezy plaza and drank iced coffee (and tea) while chatting and people watching.  Next stop was a park that we’ve ridden our bikes past many times but never stopped in.

We took a 1km uphill hike to a beautiful water fall and then walked back and had our picnic.  Last stop was a shared sundae (shared between the two of us and the dog) and then home and into bed. 

It was refreshing and good for the soul.  The gorgeous bushes and great bush smell and the water fall and the air and sun and sand (at the river’s edge) was amazing and just what we needed!

Today is a new day and it’ll be a busy one.  Ray will go and pick up his daughter’s puppy this afternoon though and bring him back to play with Grace so there’ll be some fun and puppy antics when I get home!

Couple videos from yesterday for you and a picture of the water fall.

Cliff Falls


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