Good Morning,

We had a fairly nice weekend, things have levelled off a little bit for now, thankfully.  The weather was a bit hit or miss so we stayed close to home.  One of the things that I did do was go and buy some bedding plants for the front garden.  And…..a bag of ladybugs.  My little rose bush in the front has aphids and I wasn’t super thrilled about spraying it with chemicals every 7 days.  So, while at the garden store I inquired about, and purchased a bag of 250 ladybugs.

I took a video of the garden once it was planted, we also videoed the ladybug distribution as well as Gracie and I playing with a new toy.  I thought the videos might be a nice way for my grampa (and gramma) to “see” us and might be a nice distraction while they’re dealing with some not so pleasant things. 

Plus, like we talked about before, pics and now videos are a neat way to peek into someone’s life!

I hope you enjoy:

LADYBUGS – Part One:

LADYBUGS – Part Two:




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