Taking Advantage


I am taking advantage of the gorgeous weather we’re about to have and doing some spring cleaning….inside of myself.  It is no secret that the last couple of weeks have sucked a bit for me (world events aside, I’m talking about personal, everyday life).  It is maybe a bit more of a secret that during the suckage I’ve not been doing the things to make myself feel better/move forward and I’ve even done a couple things that are directly the opposite of what my personal philosophy dictates.

But….it’s all good.  In friendship and in this blog world we all draw on each other; for entertainment and hope and camaraderie and strength and motivation and inspiration.  As I’ve said before, I refuse to only report the successes and the positives because that is not what real life is like.  I don’t do fake.  So the reality is that I am/was on a down-tick and this morning I’ve slammed the door to that room shut and I’m going to force an up-tick, asap!

When my coffee is finished I’ll be drinking water.  When it’s breakfast time I’ll be eating green salad with chicken.  When it’s lunchtime I’ll be eating veggies and protein. When it’s dinnertime, more of the same.  Over my lunch break I’ll be studying for Thursday’s exam.  When tomorrow morning comes I’ll be in the gym.  When I crave sugar (which….in some people brings the same reaction as snorting cocaine….so don’t anyone try to tell me that sugar is not addictive!) I will…..I don’t know…..drink water, pet the dog, go outside, go to bed, paint my nails, brush my teeth….something….anything to kill the sugar monster!  When I’m annoyed that my tummy is a bit bloated I’m going to give it a nice pat and reaffirm my plans.  Water, clean eating, gym.  Water, clean eating, gym. 

Life is hard.  Sometimes it’s not hard but lazy.  Sometimes it’s even just for fun.  One aspect of my “personal philosophy” mentioned above is to do more that is right than is wrong.  So now that my personal “hard” has abated, I’m going to banish lazy and redefine fun and kick as much of my own ass as I can.  Because “hard” will come again.  Maybe in a month, maybe not for a few months.  You never know when life is going to kick you in the soft parts so working hard in the inbetween times is crucial to making it through the rough times!

Anyone who wants to text me at 4am tomorrow morning, you let me know and I’ll send you my cell number!  It’s going to be a ROUGH get up after two weeks off…..

Our weekend was pretty good, a few pics below of a group doggie walk, the hilarity of trying to crack a macadamia nut and the 80 pounds I am forced to work around if I want to lay on the couch in my pajamas!



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