7 Hours In The Making

I tried to write a blog post today………I picked at it in between taking advil for the smashing headache I have and putting out massive bonfires at work and now, 7 hours after first starting to write it, I give up.  It wasn’t even a very well written post and didn’t talk about anything particularly useful.

In a nutshell…..

  • I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks and I feel that in every fibre of my emotional and physical wellbeing
  • I’m getting my hair cut tonight which I hate doing but which needs doing and hasn’t been done in over 6 months
  • I was in a car accident yesterday afternoon which really hurts my feelings…and Snowflake’s front quarter panel!
  • We’re taking our motorhome on an adventure tomorrow whereby I will pack a picnic
  • We’re going to climb a mountain on Sunday whereby I will pack the same picnic as the day before
  • My exam is on Thursday….I’ll either pass or not pass. 

That’s really it.  I’m crossing my fingers for a relaxing and yet productive weekend filled with a nice mix of exercise, wine and husband cuddling.  I’m going to try out a new recipe over the weekend as well and hoping it works out well, could be a keeper!

I’ll leave you with this….a dog’s eye view of our walk the other day.

Dogs Eye View


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