Good! Friday

Happy Good Friday!  Ours was very, very good!

It started out with my first trip back to the gym since last week when I was sick.  I burned up both my legs and my arms in a quick and dirty weights workout followed by a very short jog.  I worked as hard as I could in as short a time as possible because…..

……happy exercise endorphins are like free and natural anti-anxiety medication.  I was going to get to ride my motorcycle for the first time since last year.

After a hearty breakfast and cup of coffee we went down to the insurance place to temp our bikes for the day and discovered that I owed the toll-bridge people $3.50 that was overdue… no insurance until it’s paid.  And…’s a long weekend here in BC which means that even if I make the payment (if I knew my account number or the bill number which I don’t), it would not get posted until next week.  Which means no insurance permit for my bike.  Turns out I really DID want to ride my own bike because I was pretty disappointed by the turn of events.

So…we temped Ray’s bike and set out to celebrate spring!

I figure, on a bonus day (stat holiday from work), you should fill your day doing things that you wouldn’t normally have time to do if you had to be at work.  So….we did!  The things we did today:

  • take a lovely, sunny and warm motorcycle ride
  • have a fresh lunch on a sunny patio
  • pet baby piggies, a baby donkey, a baby cow and attempt to pet a turkey
  • eat delicious locally made coffee-toffee ice cream
  • visit a local winery and buy three bottles of gorgeous reds
  • sit on our driveway with a glass of Honest John Rose (welcome back, friend!)

See?  All things that we don’t normally have time to do given the fact that we are the working kind!

Now, I have a salad to make for our brunch at my sister’s tomorrow, nails to paint and an outfit to iron.  Along with ribeye steak dinner to make and the option for another glass of wine.

It was a Good Friday!

This is the only picture I took today....bad blogger!  Happy cow!

This is the only picture I took today….bad blogger! Happy cow!


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