Say Yes To The What?!

Things that would have been more productive than laying on the couch for four days watching double-digit hours of “Say Yes To The Dress”:

  • Anything
  • Updating my blogroll (I read some awesome blogs and I am a terrible blogroll linker!)
  • Studying for my impending PTS exam
  • Organizing my recipe book

It is a frigging miracle that I’m sitting in front of my computer right now.  The only reason that I am at work today is because I don’t think I could take another day of Grace standing an inch away from my face crying at the top of her lungs.  I’ve been home sick, laid out on the sofa since Thursday.  Ray was working 10-6 last week so I was home with her by myself both days.  And she figures if I’m home I should be petting, feeding, rubbing, walking and playing with her at all times!  This “theme” carried over into the weekend, apparently dogs don’t understand what being sick is all about and boys don’t understand that their normally very active and industrious girlfriend can’t do all that stuff while also fighting off the stomach flu and massive head cold.  So….I’m at work today, not because I feel better but because I want to be left alone!  Hahaha.

(Update:  I went home shortly after writing this, took some expired cold medication…shows how often I get sick…and went to sleep locked in our spare room for 4 hours.  Our spare room door is always closed so is blissfully free of dog hair and dust…it’s like a mecca!)

I was at the gym getting a good workout on Thursday morning despite not really feeling 100% when the stomach flu struck.  That’s definitely a first for me! Obviously I missed my gym day on Friday morning and mile-row-mile on Saturday morning and I have to say, I was pretty bummed about that.  We have only a four day work week this week thanks to Easter so I’m going to try to pull it together and end March strong with at least a couple gym mornings.  I realize that I probably won’t be able to do mile-row-mile again this month which is highly disappointing….but I should be able to get my lifting workouts done….we’ll see how I feel at 4am tomorrow….could very well be one of those weeks where sleep is healthier and better for me than the gym.  We’ll see.  I am definitely going to throw a tube of hand sanitizer into my gym bag though, I guarantee that’s where I’ve picked up these germs!

Besides having the stomach flu and now an awful cold, there’s not much new to report.  I did notice, because of the last four days of being off my game, how much food I had to throw out yesterday!  Beyond yogurt (I never eat yogurt!), bananas and some paleo muffins, I didn’t eat much (also, talk about needing carbs while sick and how difficult that is when grain free).  Since I plan all of our food out the week before and precook a lot of it, that same food had to get tossed yesterday.  Also, quite unfortunately, when eating loads of bananas and muffins, what is not getting eaten is vegetables…and I can totally tell!  So not only do I have my insides all messed up from being sick, they are definitely noticing the lack of fresh green vegetables!  I’m all over it though, salad with hard boiled eggs for breakfast this morning!

Dinner is lemon sage flank steak but made with basil instead because I couldn’t find sage, maybe some ice cream and I have a killer craving for pink lemonade!

Note, I have updated my blogroll along the side to include the amazing blogs I read daily. 


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