Stupid Bees

******Disclaimer:  I don’t actually think bees are stupid….in fact they are crucial to our existence as a planet, if the bees disappear it’s adios nearly instantly.  But bees don’t seem to sneeze and have itchy eyes so if they are rolling around in the stuff and I am rolling around in it, why must I suffer?!


Hmmm…my brain seems to be stuck thinking that it’s still the beginning of February and yet my seasonal allergies have arrived reminding me that it is past the middle of March.  With the mild winter we’ve had it doesn’t surprise me that the pollen is floating around; all the living things are starting to breathe again….and I am not breathing…or seeing very well out of my itchy eyes!

I knew this was coming and I actually planned for it.  This year instead of taking expensive allergy pills made in a laboratory, we decided to try going the holistic route and we’ve been eating bee pollen since mid January. 


The idea is that if you slowly innoculate yourself to the pollen in your surroundings by consuming it in an ever increasing dosage, by the time seasonal allergies roll around and all that same pollen is in the air, you are immune.  Ya.  Didn’t work.  We’ve been chewing mouthfuls of bee pollen and all that’s happened is that we have a cute joke about eating bees….and we have allergies.  This is one of those “remedies” that you can’t actually test though.  Maybe it is working.  Maybe if we weren’t taking it we would be 20 times sicker, we can’t know.  I was just hoping that a little holistic preplanning was going to save me a $40 Reactine bill and having to put potent chemicals into my body. 

Anyway, allergies aside.  I made it to the gym this morning, I had a few new things to test out.  First up was the Paleo Morning Glory Muffin as pre-workout fuel.  Not bad!  Bear in mind that it was 4am and I barely remember eating it!  I did find it a bit moist (I’d frozen them and then let it sit on the counter in a ziploc baggie overnight) and really sweet.  The moist I’m going to correct with the addition of some coconut flour in the next batch, hopefully that helps dry it up a bit.  The sweet I’ll tone down a bit but even if I didn’t, at that time of the morning whatever I’m eating has to be sweet or I just can’t choke it down.  Overall, very pleased!  I have some leftover yam in the fridge so I’ll do up a new batch later this week!

I also had a new pair of workout tights to try out and a refreshed playlist on my shuffle.  I say “refreshed” and not “new” because I was grinding away to C&C Music Factory and original Black Eyed Peas this morning…not so current, but I loved it!  The tights….meh.  They’re a cool mottled grey colour and a bit shiny.  The fit is great, the feel is…weird.  They are fitted and tight….but as soon as you start moving around in them they become weirdly loose in whatever area you’re doing movement (eg, during squats the knees and bum felt loose).  Also, grey isn’t that flattering…just saying.

I came home yesterday after work to find that Grace, while home by herself for a few hours, had taken it upon herself to move the furniture.  My first thought when I got home and found the couch shoved up against the coffee table all cockeyed was that we’d been robbed.  Then I went and checked that the stereo and huge flat screen TV were still there and figured that no sane robber would come into our house, shove our couch around and then leave with nothing.  So….the culprit would have to be the dog.  We have No Idea what she would have been doing or why, we totally need a Nannycam for our dog!  I suspect that she may have been using excess stored energy for her interior decorating antics so I took her for a very quick 5km walk after work yesterday.  We’re so incredibly fortunate to live so close to such a beautiful park and now, with the time change last week, it’s actually light enough in the trees for me to go alone with Grace after work.  Not sure what tonight holds, if Grace has decided to start painting the walls or recarpeting while I’m sitting here at work, we’ll be going for a run in the rain!  At least the rain keeps the pollen down!

Big messy stirfry for dinner tonight; shredded cabbage, peppers, carrots, kale, snow peas, ground turkey, a generous dump of Sunshine Sauce thrown over the whole thing and then topped with some apple and a smattering of craisins for a little sweetness!


2 thoughts on “Stupid Bees

    • I’m not sure about the bee pollen, it’s impossible to say whether it’s given us any relief. We stopped taking it now thinking maybe the oral pollen plus the natural pollen in the air is now an overload. We’ll see how it goes. No harm in eating the pollen though, regardless.

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