This Weekend I’m Looking Forward To:

• Saturday morning gym! My mile run has gotten faster each time I’ve done it so I’m pitting myself against….myself tomorrow morning! I also tried to row faster this week but I think I’m an 8:30 rower for now. I managed to row a 1:56/500m this morning but I couldn’t keep up that pace and exhausted myself so much that I eventually quit at 680m. I do my row during the week at the very tail end of each workout which is probably not wise since I’m usually out of steam by then.

• FOOD! I’m having a kitchen sink omelette for dinner tonight while Ray is out with his mom. I’ll make a huge one so I can have it tomorrow after the gym, too! I’m making Paleo Morning Glory Muffins this weekend, I think they will be perfect early-morning pre-gym fuel. I’m also making my sister’s jacked up frittata for our breakfasts next week and the Velvety Butternut Squash that Tara turned me onto is for….well….me! Ray doesn’t prefer it but I love it so making it for ME! We’re having homemade pizzas on Saturday and cooking a roast on Sunday.

• A latte date. I asked Ray last night if he would take me for a red tea latte this weekend. Normally we just sort of drift into things but I wanted to go on an actual date on Saturday afternoon.

• Studying. OK, I’m not totally looking forward to this but I have set aside 4 hours between tonight, Saturday and Sunday to get a feel for what I need to be doing. I am looking forward to it because it moves me towards my future….and I’m not because I was never good at studying in school, I can’t imagine that an extended absence makes me any better at it!

• Seeing my mom on Sunday. We’re going out to her neck of the woods to meet up for breakfast. We’re Sunday breakfast people and there is a cute 50’s diner in her neighborhood so we’re going out there. We’ll get to see her puppy too which is always good.

• Kombucha! I bought a few bottles when they were on sale a couple weeks ago and put them in the downstairs fridge and forgot allll about them. I was excited to catch sight of them this morning, like a happy little gift that I bought myself and then forgot about!

• Clean sheets tonight….and also the one night every couple of weeks that my pillow doesn’t smell like the dog!

• Sunshine. This one may be a long shot, but I’m hopeful.

Have a great weekend, try to do one thing that is specifically for your better health and wellness!


1 thought on “This Weekend I’m Looking Forward To:

  1. I think you’ll be fine with the studying. Neither one of us had to try very hard in high school to learn how to study so it’s not uncommon to think you’re not good at it. I think that it’s something you’ll be interested in and that will fire your ability to study. You might want to ask Google ‘study tips’ or something too.
    You’ve inspired me to have clean sheet day too! I’m going to wash and reuse the flannels you bought me… I think this’ll be the last hurrah with flannels!

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