Happy Endorphins!

Morning!  I’m going to start with what everyone else in the blogosphere is saying:  “Daylight Savings Time, I hate you, you’re obsolete and a strain on the system!”.  Normally I try to stay on the “old” time for the first part of the week in order to slowly adjust….but this time I’m in a gym-attendance competition with a friend and missing a prearranged workout costs $$ so I have to follow the clock this time!  Unfortunately my crazy-early gym time is temporarily even stupider!

This past weekend wasn’t that great.  Ray was on and off irritable all weekend for no discernable reason which doesn’t make for a very copacetic couple of days.   I started the weekend out on the right foot though, hit up the gym on Saturday morning and did a killer crossfit cardio workout for time.  Run 1 mile, row 2000m and then run another mile.  As fast as you can.

My overall time was 32:24 which is only the work time…does not include the couple of minutes between the row and the second mile where I went and refilled my water and questioned my sanity.

First mile:  12:11

Row 2000m:  8:30

Second mile:  11:43 (yep, second was faster than first and it nearly killed me!)

I nearly died pulling this off but I was so proud when it was done!  While I really felt like I was going to throw up in my last 4 minutes of running, when I was done I think I was drunk on the happy endorphins.  I left the treadmill and headed for the mats to stretch for a few minutes….in my “high” state, looked around and then claimed an area of stretching mat right in the middle of two very nice looking, extremely muscular men doing their own routines.  Didn’t even occur to me to go into the ladies only area, there was space right there, I needed space and that was that.  Normally I would never do something like that.  Happy endorphins for the win….and for teaching me that A) no one cares who sits where, they are involved in their own mental chatter and B) I don’t look half bad; I daresay I might even look like I belonged right between those two very fit men!

Saturday was gorgeous in our neck of the woods so we insured Ray’s Harley and went for a ride for awhile.  Went and had some bacon and eggs for lunch with a dreamy-sweet hazelnut latte (I totally earned that one!) and then wound our way home in the sunshine.  Saturday evening and Sunday aren’t really worth mentioning, we didn’t do much, I cooked quite a bit to prep for this coming week (time change, alien, late night course) and took a very misguided nap on Sunday afternoon. 

I have a course Wednesday night, we’re seeing some friends for dinner on Thursday (not looking forward to that, the restaurant is kind of crappy for me and these particular friends are highly judgmental & vocal surrounding what I choose to eat….as if it affects them in any way!) and then on Friday the studying starts.  I haven’t studied in YEAAAARS so I’m not even totally sure how to do it.   

I rearranged my weights routines for the next month as well, tried to balance them out a bit better with upper vs lower body and since I have to do a couple of back to back days, making sure that I’m not torturing the same area two days in a row.  I’m sure it doesn’t really matter that much, as long as I’m “lifting heavy things” it’s all good….but there are some aspects of old-style weight training that can be pulled forward and used in conjunction with newer ideas.  Compound exercises are great because they are balanced for your whole body.  But most of us are not balanced to begin with.  Just as an example, our backs are much weaker than our chests (poor computer desk posture, anyone?) and our quads are greatly stronger than our hams.  So balanced compound exercises are good and we should do them….but if you want to be balanced you have to create balance and that means strengthening the weak areas and stretching the tight ones! 

That’s it for me today, my helper isn’t here and I’m leaving a bit early today so should probably buckle down!

Do one thing today that is specifically for your better health and wellness!


6 thoughts on “Happy Endorphins!

  1. haha… As I sit slumped over my desk reading this post. Whoopsie!

    Do you see what’s happening? You’re getting your mojo back! Battling through the regular junk and taking back your exercise routine. Yay you!

    • Haha, I know about the slouching, I catch myself several times a day!

      I love that my mojo is coming back and getting more solid and bigger and stronger every day!

  2. Wow! That’s all I can say Wow! I can’t even imagine working out the way you do!!! I am happy and feel quite virtuous when I get a 2 mile walk in or a 1/2 hour on the bike. You are amazing!

    I was really struck by the comment about your dining companions who are judgmental and vocal about how you eat. It is fascinating, isn’t it? As long as you are not asking someone else to eat your way, why do they care how you eat? especially when you are eating heathily and have had such success at weight loss and being fit? Yet, people always seem to let us know how they feel about such things. Maybe folks should spend more time worrying about their own eating habits and less time worrying about how others are eating, ya think?

    • Morning! Thanks for the awesome comment! I had to laugh though, because the comment above yours is from a lady I have a lot of respect for and her most recent post talked about doing a team triathalon and her treadmill run was way faster than mine! I felt a bit silly after I’d posted how hard my Saturday workout was and then looked at the times and realized that it was nothing compared to how fast she runs!

      Then YOU commented and the first response in my head was to tell you to never compare your happy and virtuous exercise with someone else’s. And I laughed….because I’d just done the same thing to myself.

      Lesson learned, everyone’s in a different space and everyone’s ability is different and everyone’s definition of “happy and virtuous” (I love that!) is different. It can even be different within the same person depending maybe on the day of the week or the time of the month or even just one hour to the next!

      Regarding the “friends” who always comment…..they generally see me as young and stupid and naive because I am quite a bit younger than my husband (and them) and so whatever I’m doing or saying is dismissed with a fair degree of disrespect. And, if you add that to the fact that change scares people and “different” scares people, you have a recipe for me biting my lip and them being obnoxious and disrepectful.

      Have a great Tuesday, my friend!

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