Point Form Again!

Point form again, apparently I’m having lots of little thoughts rather than one big theme.


  • I miss fruit.  I used to eat a wagon-load of fruit back in the Weight Watchers and calorie counting days.  Too much, really.  Over time (and especially with going grain free, higher fat-lower carb) I’ve substituted veggies for the fruit and now it’s a very rare occurrence when I eat a piece of fruit…and it’s usually an apple.  I’ve been coveting mangoes and pineapple and juicy navel oranges lately though and there’s no real reason why I should keep depriving myself.  My only trouble is that I have refined my food intake to the point where I eat three meals a day and I don’t need to snack.  I don’t get hungry between breakfast and lunch and maybe a little between lunch and dinner but not so much that I can’t wait.  I’m going to buy some mangoes this weekend though and add them to a fresh green salad with some pine nuts, chicken and maybe a little sprinkle of goat cheese.  If I’ve been craving it for a few days I figure there’s something there that I’m needing.


  • I sometimes get intimidated by women at the gym who have the whole fancy name brand gym outfit on and are in the weights area.  Don’t ask me why, I guess maybe it’s the ex-fat chic, non-athletic part of me that still exists within the person I’ve become.  I don’t have the fancy gym clothes (I have one pair of Lulu Capri tights but I really dislike them) and I’m not teeny or super fit/muscular.  So….this morning there was a part of me that shyed away from the girl that was doing a “weight” workout.  Until I started watching her and saw that she was sitting on equipment backwards and doing useless exercises and GRUNTING through a 5lb cable row.  Seriously….your car door weighs more than 5lbs, be real!  Anyway, it just reminded me that looks and appearance are very deceiving….or disgusting….in the case of Woman #2 at the gym this morning running on the treadmill with her pants below her ass cheeks.  Never any shortage of entertainment at the gym in the wee AM hours!


  • Information that you or I (because if you’re reading health and fitness blogs I assume you have some interest) take as common sense, is not actually shared by the masses.  In fact, the minformation that you or I scoff at?  Is actually believed by some.  For instance, “Corn Pops cereal is a healthier choice than a pop tart, right?”, followed closely by “So you’re telling me that Corn Pops and Froot Loops have a lot of sugar in them?”.  And then there was the gem, “My goal this year is to lose weight on my stomach so if I start doing situps before I go to bed, that should work, right”.  This was followed by “You can so target fat loss!  If you do bicep curls your arms will be less fat.”.


  • I didn’t have a weekend last week, I had something that took me away from home for 10 hours a day.  It was something I chose and that I definitely was happy doing but this morning in taking a quick look around the house, it’s a bit apocalyptic…especially because after not having had any time off to speak of, I kept the chores and duties to a minimum in the evenings this week.  I think I’m going to do a big blast this evening with laundry and some cleaning so that the rest of the weekend is freed up.


  • Sometimes if you don’t take a risk you don’t get the reward.  If you don’t make a change, nothing changes.  If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you.  Don’t let fear paralyze you.  It’s now or never.  You get where I’m going with this?  I’m on the cusp of making a change…….it may take awhile……but you can’t move if you don’t take a step.


Have a happy weekend.  Do at least one thing this weekend that is specifically for your better health and wellness!


2 thoughts on “Point Form Again!

  1. Easy to say but don’t be intimidated… You’re there for you and to be honest, people probably don’t even pay attention to you… not to be rude but when i was going to the gym I hardly ever noticed other people because I was focussed on me…
    Aslo, I was very entertained by your 3rd point and wondering where you found those gems?

    • Haha, the nutrition and exercise comments were from my two co-workers!

      I realize that for the most part, people are more focussed on themselves than on the people around them…..but I notice a lot that ladies in a free weights section will watch each other…I do it because I like to gain technique or see what exercises other people are doing to change it up sometimes. I also will usually look at someone and what they’re doing and then compare what they are doing with their general body shape and composition….just out of personal interest in the field…..and I see other ladies watching me as well, I hope it’s for the same reasons.

      I know I shouldn’t be self conscious about it because everyone has their own unique story that you can’t learn just from seeing them workout for 20 minutes…..but it’s still there. And I suspect it’s there for most people.

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