Educational Weekend

I had the opportunity to learn some things over the weekend and I thought I would share them with you.  Some are profound and some are definitely not.


  • Everyone is not where you are.  I believe so strongly in the philosophy surrounding food that I adhere to and I wish that everyone could experience the positive changes that can come from it.  Unfortunately I sometimes can forget that 6 years ago when I was nearing 300lbs, if someone would have said to me that I had to do a Whole30 or even just give up grains I would’ve failed immediately.   It is definitely a skill that I need to work more on; approaching people where they are. 


  • Drinking a mug of hot water with lemon is a beautiful way to start the day and can give your liver a bit of a cleanse.  It’s also fresh, healthy and simple.


  • My hubby is caring and kind and loving and while I definitely knew all of that, I learned that if I actually just step out of the way a bit it gives him the room to demonstrate that in his own way.  That feels amazing!


  • I eat too much.  Yes, I learned that this weekend.  The majority of what I eat is healthy, whole, unprocessed food but I eat way too much of it.  I’ve stopped paying attention to my body’s full signal and just overridden it with an internal dialogue that tells me that since what I’m eating is healthy, I can (and should) have as much as I want.  That is decidedly untrue and while I won’t count calories or macronutrients, I am going to dial it back for the next couple weeks and see where I should be.


  • I know without a doubt where my passions are, what I’m interested in and what I’m willing to spend my time and money and effort on. 


  • Going back to my first point, there are so many “right ways” to be healthy.  While I personally choose one particular way and I believe in the science behind that way, there is no value in discounting what someone else might choose (caveat, I’m never going to agree to a grapefruit diet or the cookie and ice cream diet, I’m talking about legitimately healthy endeavours).


  • I am wrong a lot of the time.  There are aspects in my life where I’ve taken a hard line approach and will not entertain the notion of anything else.  The reality is, that reality is skewed.  And it changes.  Certain opinions I have, that I believe are based in fact, are in fact based only on my interpretation of the information.  And in some cases, complete misinterpretation!  There is an incredible amount of value in standing behind what you believe while also staying open to new info, new ideas and embracing the chance that you’re just plain wrong.


  • There is a lot that I know, about myself, nutrition, fitness, weight loss, vitamins and general health.  There is an unbelievably vast world of information that I haven’t even scratched the surface of.  


  • It is hard to get up in the morning and go somewhere and do something that does nothing to spark my passion and energy.  For that very reason it is important to cultivate that passion and energy every day, as often and for as long as possible to keep the spark alive!  We can get dragged down into the mire of daily life and forget that our daily jobs/chores/errands are just a means to an end. 


Happy sunny Monday!


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