Perspective and Intention

Hello February, you suck!  Seriously, it is the 7th of February and I can’t really say that it’s going that much better than the back half of frigging January!  We went away for the weekend and then came back and I was GEARED UP!  Tuesday morning I had a totally awesome workout, I pushed myself through it quicker than I normally do which kept my heart rate up and kept me moving (4am can cause looong rest breaks with some blank staring and epic yawning!) through the whole thing.  I felt great when I was done, too.  And then…..around noon that day……the migraine hit.  It brought nausea and light sensitivity with it.  Enough nausea in fact, that I thought I was getting the stomach flu.  Tuesday night I went to bed early and figured I would sleep it off and hit the gym in the morning.  Not. All day Wednesday, nausea, smashing headache, more nausea, upset stomach.  I even went so far as to skip dinner last night and Ray fed himself an oven pizza.  If you know me, this never happens!  So, this morning I didn’t even try…but I probably should have because today I pretty much feel fine.  I’m a bit tired but I’ve emerged from the migraine cloud. 

Driving to work this morning I was giving myself a bit of a hard time because it’s the 7th of February now and in order to achieve my 50% gym attendance goal this month, I have to fit 13 days of gym in the next 21 days of February.  That’ll actually work if I go tomorrow and then stick to the T, W, Th, Sat plan for the rest of the month.  It’ll be close!  Anyway, what I was thinking this morning was how you can have the absolute best laid plans and then life happens.  You get sick or injured or your new puppy dies.  Shit happens and sometimes there really is nothing that you can do about it.  Sometimes staying in bed an extra 2 hours in the morning is worth more than weighted squats and sometimes it’s not.  Telling the difference between the two is tricky though!

So, in order to end the week strong, I will go to the gym tomorrow morning.  I won’t try to get there, I won’t set my alarm and see what happens, I will get up at 3:50 and get in my car and Go To The Gym because my two days of being under the weather are over.  And Saturday I will jog on the treadmill that I like best at the gym that I love before I go for breakfast with my sister.  I will set my intentions and follow through because I owe myself the same respect I would show to anyone else. 

We’re planning on going on a hike on Sunday with Gracie up to Cypress Falls.  It’s 3km each way and since it’s to a waterfall I suspect it’s uphill on the way there.  It’s supposed to be nice out and we’ll pack a snack and some water and go breathe in a whole bunch of fresh air!


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