You can go and click through to the other blog that I share with my sister, there are some pics and the rundown on our trip this weekend.  It was a good time, a nice break and really great to spend the couple days just the two of us.  We ate pretty good (bacon notwithstanding) and drank enough to feel blissful but not enough to feel anything but alright the next day.  Perfect as far as I’m concerned!

While we were away I lost all the leftover side effects of the creatine and am back to feeling more like myself.  I’m starting on an iron supplement just to make totally certain that I’m good to go, but I think I’m back on the good side again!  The bloat is gone and that numbed, apathetic, slightly anxious feeling is gone.  Super!

As this is now a new month, I’m on board with the new training plan for February; T, W & Th with weights and Saturday with cardio, either indoors or out, depends on the weather.  Outdoors would be nice because it’s starting to get light out earlier and if I can do a walk-jog combo on the trails, I could take Grace with me and kill two birds with one stone!  We’ll see.

Speaking of jogging, I had said earlier that I have a 10K run in March that I’m going to do and that I want to come in at an hour or better.  This goal was made based on believing that last year I’d done it in 1:05.  Alas, I just looked up what my actual time was and it was 1:13:30…..so shaving over 13 minutes off my time might be a bit optimistic! However, this year I’m actually doing some training for it whereas last year I did nothing but show up.  I’m going to aim as much as possible for that hour mark though.  This year I know the course and I’ll be trained.  It’s possible….not likely but possible.  And what the hell, if you never try for anything difficult you never achieve anything fabulous!

I have a stew cooking in my crockpot at home right now which feels really nice for some freed up time this evening!  Unfortunately when we were preparing the stew last night I had Ray chopping veggies while I cooked the meat and mushrooms.  When I asked him to chop a COUPLE of potatoes, he was being a bit ridiculous (long story for another time) and ended up putting an entire 2lb bag of potatoes in…which I realized after the crockpot had been cooking it for over 2 hours already.  So….with only 1lb of meat, it’s going to be a bit potatoey!  Normally I do 1 baker potato for the whole stew and then mushrooms, tomatoes and kale.  Makes for a meaty, hearty stew.  This?  I’m really not so sure about, but it’s cooked food when I get home so I won’t be too fussed about it!

Anyway, I’m off, I’m training someone for the next little while so wish me luck.  Actually, wish the other person luck….I’m not so much a people person so being forced to have someone sit in my pocket for days and days is a strain!

I’ll leave you wtih a picture of my sweet furbaby!

Gracie Quarry Rock



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