RIP, Snoopy


Snoopy passed away last night, his fever and the pain were too much for his little body to take.

Snoopy was with us for such a short time but we fell in love with him.  He was a cool puppy, innocent and ferocious and energetic.  He’d just about wag his tail off if he saw you after an absence and only ever had playing on his mind.

Snoopy died way too soon after too hard of a life, but he died a Canadian.  He’d seen snow (and LOVED it), watched a Canucks game and eaten a Timbit.  He was our dog, even if only for a short time and we are so sad that he’s left us.

He’s free of pain now though, running and playing with all the other animals that we’ve all loved and lost.

Your life was too short, Snoopy, too full of pain.  But you had an awesome few days with us just being a dog before your illness consumed you.  We’re so glad that you got to experience that with us!

“It’s OK, buddy.”


3 thoughts on “RIP, Snoopy

  1. I am sorry to hear about Snoopy. That is terribly sad, but comforting to know that when the virus, or whatever it was, ravaged through him, he had you for love and care. I imagine if he hadn’t been placed in your home, he wouldn’t have found that kind of unconditional love elsewhere.

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