Unexpected Roughness

Oh, hell, where do I start? 

Monday afternoon Ray called and said Snoopy seemed pretty bummed out and we thought maybe it was because it was his first day away from me since we got him (he’s more a lady’s dog since that’s what he’s always known).  Turns out that he wasn’t bummed out at all, he’s really sick.  Ray took him to the vet on Monday night and he got some pain killers because they figured he was having some growing pains.  We medicated him, he ate dinner and then when Ray went to work for night shift, I took the two dogs into bed with me for the night.  At midnight Snoopy started crying and never stopped.  His cries turned into wailing and he developed a fever that was severe enough that I had to take his chain collar off of him because his little body was making it too hot to touch.  I felt so bad for him, there was absolutely nothing I could do for him to make him feel better.

Since I was home alone and it was the middle of the night, I kept waffling over whether it really was just growing pains that he’d been diagnosed with or if it was something worse.  Once his wailing turned into shrieking and his fever was so high I called the emergency vet line, crying my eyes out.  Obviously they told me to come right in and so off we went in the middle of the night.  Unfortunately by then he was in so much pain in both of his legs that I wasn’t able to pick him up without getting bitten.  When morning came I transferred him back into the car, swung by home to pick up Ray on his way home from nights and took Snoopy to the boxer rescue vet in Pitt Meadows. 

We got an update last night that he was still on morphine but had stopped crying although he still has a raging fever.  I should hopefully get an update here pretty quick.  They said if they can get his fever down he’ll come home today with medication.  I’m a little concerned about that because I’m still home alone overnight so if he has issues I’m left to deal with them alone.  Nothing I can’t handle, but it rips my heart out!

Poor little bugger couldn't even pick his head up to look at us when we left.  :'(

Poor little bugger couldn’t even pick his head up to look at us when we left. 😥

Given that I had no sleep on Monday night, I took Tuesday off work. Blew a vacation day but there was just no way I was going to be good for anything.  I took an hour long nap and then was going to go to the gym.  The thought of the gym though?  Of driving there and parking in the parkade and exercising within 4 stark walls just turned my stomach though, couldn’t do it.  I needed fresh air and outdoors and trees and mulch and moisture.  I needed to sweat outside with living things.  I needed green exercise!  Grace and I took a 5.5k walk through Mundy Park and about halfway she started nudging my leg and then trotting forward a couple of steps with a big tail wag.  Leg nudge, trot-trot, wag!  Nudge-trot-wag! Run, mummy!  So we jogged the back half of the walk and it felt so good!  Cleared the fuzz in my head and made me breathe hard which is just what I needed!

I figured that I would get to the gym this morning since Snoopy is still in the hospital so I should have had no excuse.  Until…..an entire second night went by where I didn’t get any sleep.  Just too overtired or stressed or what, I’m not sure.  There’s definitely something to be said for listening to the mind-body connection because my although my mind believed that I should have had no problem with the gym, my body is exhausted and not interested.  I’m not beaten up about it though, I’ll set my alarm again tomorrow morning and go from there.

Now, considering that I took a vacation day yesterday for my home issues I thought I should make good use of it and I made a new recipe, Cream Braised Cabbage.  It turned out SO good!  I made THIS RECIPE with only the teeny modification of adding some extra chicken broth to increase the liquid since my pan was huge.  The cabbage came out buttery and so flavourful, I was really impressed! Even Ray liked it and he normally can’t stand coconut recipes!  I also roasted some broccoli that I’d massaged with olive oil and then sprinkled with garlic salt and a hefty dose of paprika.  Came out so nice!


And finally, in an effort to propel myself forward, I took a long bath after our walk and then gave myself a mani/pedi.  I absolutely HATE trying to get the sparkles off my nails when it’s time to change polish, but when you use the sparkles the nail polish stays on for two weeks or more, grows out before it ever chips off!

OPI “Argentini Pinkini” with OPI “Pink Yet Lavender” over the top and a shot of a sleeping puppy in the background!

OPI “Argentini Pinkini” with OPI “Pink Yet Lavender” over the top and a shot of a sleeping puppy in the background!

So….that’s it for me right now.  I’m beat.  Worried too.  Hopefully some decent news this morning/afternoon and a good night’s sleep tonight.  Fingers crossed!


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