Wicked Week!

It’s been a wicked week, people.  The last five days have been so stressful and depressing and exciting all at the same time. Happy has battled regret, content has battled anxiety and to be honest I’m not really sure who is winning at the moment.

I have a very sore throat and ear/side of my head and I’ve had a monster headache for three days now.  My eyes are tired and my skin & joints are sore.  I don’t feel like I’m getting sick.  Besides my specific symptoms, I don’t actually feel rundown or exhausted, just sort of miserable.  I suspect it’s a case of having an Alien mixed with stress that I just didn’t foresee.  I had ice cream for lunch yesterday (a bit misguided, perhaps!) and felt every single molecule of that sugar enter my bloodstream and wreak havoc!  I slept like shit last night and I had absolutely no energy when it came time to get up and get to the gym.  I don’t really care if I miss Mondays, it’s rowing & stretching day and because of gym opening time I can only be there for 40 minutes so it’s not a huge loss.  However, it annoys me that the reason I didn’t go was because of what I chose to have for lunch!  Lesson learned…again!

Yesterday afternoon after a horrible rude confrontation with a woman at Ticketmaster, I accidentally dropped my iPhone on a brick driveway and shattered the screen.  Yet another reason why I need to continue my hunt for a purse;, putting your iPhone under your arm with your wallet and then wildly gesturing in fury is a sure fire way to cost yourself $$!  Fortunately we have an Apple Store in our local mall so I made an appt and got my phone replaced for a mere $169.  That’s no small change, but upgrading my current contract or having to buy an iPhone outright is MUCH more expensive so what’s a girl to do?

I have an at home appointment tonight after work and I haven’t told the girl who comes over yet about Snoopy.  She LOVES boxers and is going to be thrilled to meet Snoopy, should be fun!  In light of this, I made tonight’s dinner last night, just turkey/beef meatballs that will be baked in marinara sauce and served over noodles (Ray) or green cauli-rice (Me). 

And finally, an update on my scale-free victory.  I had no intentions of ever getting on the scale again and I felt awesome about it.  Friday afternoon though Ray dug the scale out and I was the one who had to stand on it alone and then stand on it with each of the dogs.  I wasn’t super happy about it but I thought I could get away with doing it without finding out what my number was.  Unfortunately I did find out what I weighed on Friday afternoon.  And?  It meant nothing to me.  Not good, not bad.  It was just a number such as I would know if I measured my height or noted that my eyes are blue.  Great place to be!

I’ve got to run along now, catching up on work after having been off.  And since I started writing this post the ache in my joints/skin and the pounding in my head has intensified so I’m going to chug some Vitamin C and get some tea brewing.

Here are a couple of links in case you want to see my furbabies messing around.  Sorry that they are crooked, not sure why that happened, they showed up correctly on my phone.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nhkjh-K3dNY ~ Grace & Snoopy playing outside

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dhc4bgZpIzA ~ Grace & Snoopy playing inside


I suspect that we will be keeping Snoopy although the decision is definitely not made yet.  Once the little buggers sort out their hierarchy (it’s happening, slowly but surely), they really need each other to play with during the day. The fact that we have walked them 8km or more every day and they STILL have the energy to roughhouse for several hours means that if we take Snoopy away from Grace, that’s really doing her a disservice, she needs the interaction!


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