A Beautiful Door!

Do you get the sense that the door on 2012 is slowly closing?  Or, even more so, that the door to 2013 is starting to open up and maybe you can get a little peak?

This is the first year I’ve really felt excited for that opening.  For fresh and new and renewed.  This is the first year that I’ve felt like the current year is used up and getting a big stagnant.  I realize that so many people have the same sensation, hence the obsessions with making resolutions and huge life changes.  I think the mistake comes in thinking that because you want it to be, that everything will be different when you wake up on January 1st.  Obviously, as humans we’re flawed by design and part of that flaw is the inherent inability to change.  I’ve been through enough new years now that I think I know the difference between how to make a positive change and how to set myself up for failure.

This year, this turn of the calendar is going to be a different tactic for me though.  I’m not telling anyone what my plan is.  Not because I don’t want to be held responsible for whether and how I commit to my goals, but because I know that it’s the right way to do it this time.  I’m seeing in myself little signs that are pointing me in a certain direction, I’m seeing certain needs that I’m not fulfilling for myself.  I’m hearing little signals that in some ways I need to return to roots and in other ways I need to discard that which doesn’t work for me anymore.  I have stagnant thought processes that need to change, some actions that need to stop and others where I need to foster their growth.  I need to put myself first in some important aspects so that I’m not always showing up last and I need to find some balance between not rocking the boat so everyone is happy and rocking it a little to make sure that I’m happy.

We have quite a few big plans this year but the hands down biggest one for me this year is Me.  We all get a little lost from time to time and I thought I was.  I realize now that I haven’t been lost at all, I’ve been listening and watching and learning.  Events and people and timing has all changed me a lot this year.  Some of the “me” that I’ve always banked on disappeared this year while new traits have solidified, some for the better, some not so much.  Everyone changes all the time, little by little but for the most part, the core of who we are remains solid.  My core is still solid, I’m still who I’ve always been.  Some of my peripheral stuff this past year may have muddied that up, but the waters are clearing!  I haven’t been lost at all…….I’ve just been waiting patiently on the other side of the door in 2013. 

I know what I have to do now and writing it down or posting it or advertising it isn’t going to serve me in any way.  I know what my plan is and I know what I have to do to achieve it.  “They” say that there are ways that you can make more effective goals, ways that you can give yourself a head start to achieving success and I’m sure they work too.  But I think?  If you just listen to that voice in your heart, there is no formula required.  We all already know the path we’re supposed to be on and when we can learn to listen for the plan, the actions take shape of their own accord.  I’ve heard my plan.  The same way that I heard it 7 years ago (September 4th) when I quit smoking and lost 90 pounds, the same way I heard it last year (January 31st) when I went grain free successfully.  I’ve heard my plan and it’s not a new year resolution, it’s a wonderful coincidence this time that the plan is meant to start at the beginning of 2013.

2013 Door


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