Birthday Goodness

 This past weekend was filled with birthday goodness.  Nice meals with friends and family, a couple of treats, a couple of drinks, lots of tea and a little home-work thrown in for good measure (don’t want to get spoiled!).  I am so very grateful for everyone and everything in my life; I am blessed beyond measure in my relationship, I have family & friends both near and far who take the time to wish me well at this time of year. 

I give you the birthday weekend of goodness a picture at a time! (in no particular order….because for some reason I can’t sort these pictures)

This was us on Sunday evening, watching Christmas movies all together on the sofa.  Grace forgets she's 70 pounds and climbs right on!  Having a snoring boxer head jammed under your chin does not suck though!

Sunday morning started with me waking up snuggled between Ray and my dog.  Trust me, waking up buried under a heap of blankets and duvets, sandwiched between a sleepy, warm man and a snoring, snuggly dog does not suck!  No pictures of that, obviously, but this was our Sunday evening, after birthday presents had been opened and dinner had been made, eaten and cleaned up, we all piled onto the sofa to watch a holiday movie. 

So beautiful, an early morning snowy walk!

So beautiful, an early morning snowy walk!

 Grace's first snow fall on Saturday morning.  She definitely did not appreciate it!  I loved it though, felt so festive!

 Saturday morning started early, I got up with the plan of taking Grace for an early morning walk before I was off to birthday brunch.  How excited we all were to look outside and find that it would be Grace’s first time seeing snow.  She’s came to us from California so snow is not something she’s ever experienced (neither was rain based on her intense dislike of it!).  We got all bundled up and headed out for the trail.  It was big fluffy flakes and a bit of wind so she thought she was under attack every time the wind blew the flakes into her face.  We headed into the trail where it was less windy, but I’d left the house too early and it was still too dark in the trees for us to be in there alone so we turned around and meandered through our snowy neighborhood instead.  Grace didn’t love it, but I did, it was chilly and festive and snowy!


My honey spoiled the crap out of me for my birthday.  The food processor I've been wanting and a Japanese slicing knife that is so flipping sharp it scares me!

My honey spoiled the crap out of me for my birthday. The food processor I’ve been wanting and a Japanese slicing knife that is so flipping sharp it scares me!

Sunday afternoon I baked cookies while Ray napped for night-shift and then he gave me my birthday present.  I was so excited to see the food processor but I was absolutely floored to get the SHUN knife.  It’s an absolutely beautiful tool, perfectly weighted and insanely sharp.  Insane!  I’ve never had a knife that sharp!  Part of me felt guilty because Ray completely spoiled me this year and, because I’m your typical woman, I immediately assume that I don’t deserve nice or expensive things and I feel badly.  I put a stop to that immediately though, nothing ruins someone’s gracious giving quicker than the receiver telling them that they spent too much.  Ray’s an adult who happens to be in love with me and he went out and selected this gift for me and that is all the reason I need to believe that I deserve it and to enjoy it fully! 

My sweet sister also spoiled me this year with a vintage necklace that I LOVE and plan to wear as often as possible!  It’s even prettier in real life and I love it!    


My mom has been feeling wistful about times gone by so when I saw this Lamb Chop at the store, I knew that Santa had to send it to her!

My mom has been feeling wistful about times gone by so when I saw this Lamb Chop at the store, I knew that Santa had to send it to her!

And finally.  On Saturday after the birthday brunch that my mom and sister and I had, my mom was feeling sad and wistful for days gone by.  Christmas tends to do that to people and this year she got hit a little harder than normal.  My mom moved into a condo, my grandparents sold their huge house and moved into a condo, this is the first year that dinner is at our house and I think that the amount of change going on during an already emotionally charged season was just too much for her.  So, when I saw this on Sunday, I knew that “Santa” had to get it for her.  She LOVED Lamb Chop when we were kids growing up and I thought a bit of nostalgia in the form of a plushie would make her feel a bit better.  “Santa” is planning to write her a little letter about not being sad about the past, not thinking about it as lost time, but as wonderful times that have made us all the people we are today!

This was a wonderful weekend, historically my favourite of the year and this year was no different!  Tomorrow is Official Birthday and we’re not doing anything much.  We’re making my all time favourite dinner; we bought a couple nice rib eye steaks, I’ll bake some yam and make Butter Mushrooms & Onions for the steaks.  And after dinner, instead of cake, we’re going to McDonald’s for Ginger Frost milkshakes….by my request!  Ray’s working nights so I’ll drag my snuggle-buddy into bed and close off #34 early.

Merry Monday!


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