Sooo…I hit the gym this morning per my plan and I absolutely worked as hard as I could have.  There was absolutely nothing more I could have given and when I walked (staggered) away from the last two reps of the last set due to exhaustion, I didn’t have a shred of doubt that I’d pushed as hard as I could and that those last two reps were to be forever lost to me.  After work I took Grace for a 5.5km walk and came home absolutely soaked in sweat.  And I felt fantastic.

However……..niggling in the back of my head all day has been a common running tip, “Don’t come out of the gate too fast, you’ll burn out by halfway!”.  I had booked myself three workouts this week and in order to get them all in during the work week, I would have had to do two back to back mornings.  And something……..just didn’t feel right about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I could totally do it, I have before.  But my little inner voice has been saying no.  It really isn’t productive to force out a huge heavy-lifting session and then try to force out another one the very next morning.  I have felt so, SO good these last few weeks, easing in and building up slowly, moving purposely through a sensible plan, that driving myself forward with no regard to what my body is saying simply because I put a date on a mental schedule just feels so incredibly wrong!  No.  So I’ve moved it to Thursday morning and Saturday morning.  I’m normally not a fan of gymming during “normal hours”, but either I gym at 7am on Saturday or I do something that I know is not what’s right for me.

I realize that lots of people do back to back gym, many of the regulars that are there during my early AM workouts are there every single day. And they are doing the exact same thing (chronic cardio) and they look exactly the same (and in some cases worse) as they have for the last two years.   Me, I’m going with a less standardized approach and am actually going to listen to my body, scale back my enourmous drive for perfection and ultimately trade it in for a desire for success.  Sucess and perfection = two very different things!

Moving on, I’ve had a couple very successful grain free recipes this past week.  First was a grain free pizza crust that was so insanely delicious that I wanted to make the exact same thing for dinner every night this week.  It was so delicious with such a perfect texture that even Ray said he’d probably just go with that himself for next time (that’s saying something!).  I put marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce and then topped with fresh spinach, proscuitto, artichoke hearts and some goat cheese.  I did bake the crust a day ahead of time so I wanted wetter ingredients to breathe some moisture back into the crust.  Perhaps if I’d done it all on the same day, the spinach and runnier marinara would have sogged out the crust.  In this case though, it worked beautifully!

PIZZA! For the first time in 10+ months!

I also made a lasagna with zucchini noodles instead of pasta.  I know that’s been done before but my combo worked out so nicely, it was so meaty!  I used a pound of ground turkey, a pound and a half of ground beef, an entire container of 2% cottage cheese mixed with fresh sauteed spinach, one jar of acceptable marinara and a small can of tomato paste.  It has been a huge hit at our house this week, HUGE!  Also, the lasagna…HUGE!

The lasagna, pictured here with an 8-egg dill & shrimp omelette portioned out three ways and set over sauteed garlic baby zucchini for work breakfasts.

That’s it for me, I’m taking my muscle-sore body to bed to read a book for the 3 minutes I’ll have before my eyes close.

Thanks for reading!  I really appreciate everyone who comes by and takes a minute to read!  If you want to get premier crack at pics and tweets, you can click the Twitter link on the left.  On Instagram, I’m ladyshanny.


2 thoughts on “Revision

  1. Hey it’s all about the tweaking and the changing and adjusting to make it right for you. It’s awesome that you regocnize things that need a slight change or improvement in order to serve you better. Keep at it, lady.

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