Week 3 of my Four Week Feel Better Plan came to a close yesterday with me feeling…….pretty……well……normal.  Not super fantastic, ball of energy, no cares in the world, wonder-woman.  Just….okay.  Which I think is alright.  Moving into Week Four I’m also entering into Alien Week so I expect to be a bit more tired and and bit more cranky than I was last week. 

Last week’s results were actually pretty good, by the end of the week things seemed to be ticking right along.  I had two gym days lined up for last week and I hit them both and rocked them both which felt great, I definitely feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be; back at the gym in the morning.  Obviously as the weather gets worse and my bed gets comfier, I might have a slightly harder time getting out of it on gym days, but that’s to be expected and I’ll work through it!  I stayed solid with the “no sugar” portion, I’m really proud of myself for that, it’s been a complete three weeks since I’ve had any sort of sugar treat.  I’ve wanted to, no doubt, but I’ve stayed strong.  I am a little worried about when my four week plan ends because then there is no “no sugar” rule and….well…..I do have some issues surrounding that so I’ll have to figure something out.

The walking last week suffered a bit, there were only 3 for me instead of 4 (Ray did Thursday alone so that I could cook dinner).  This week will completely make up for that though because Ray is on afternoon shift so dog-walking is fully my responsibility.   

This is my final week with a written out plan, I think before the week is out I’ll write another month of weekly plans, some items I’ll keep and I’ll add some new ones to focus on.  For this week though, here’s the plan:

WEEK FOUR:  October 15 – 21

  • No sugar, sweetener, honey, chocolate
  • No potatoes
  • Lights out at 8:50pm
  • No eating after 7pm
  • 3 water bottles + 1 tea (or 4 water)
  • 4km (or more) walk 3 out of 7 days
  • THREE early morning gym days, do whatever for an hour

Pretty much exactly the same as every other week but with three gym days this week.  Those will fall on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  I may (big maybe) add a Saturday morning spinning class to the plan because I really used to love it, working hard early on Saturday morning, showering at the gym and coming home all fresh and energized and ready to start the day!  It is Alien Week though so we’ll see how that plays out, I’m not putting that one on any schedule!

This weekend we went up country to get a load of firewood for the winter.  The drive was about 4 hours out and fortunately sunshine where we ended up.  We loaded up the truck with two layers of pieces (about 7-9 pounds each) and were then on our way out when we noticed two gorgeous 5 foot long segments of wood.  Unfortunately the chain saw was misbehaving so we decided to just load the logs as-is into the truck and cut them when we got home.  5 foot logs with a 10” diameter are frigging heavy and when you have to carry them up a hill and then, from a ditch, put them over your head into the back of the truck, you can certainly feel it!  We did that twice and then called it a day.  Upon arriving home it was time to unload, so both logs got sectioned and then Ray went into our backyard and I stayed in the front and chucked 47 pieces of wood from the back of the truck, over a 5 foot fence so that Ray could stack them…while trying to have some sort of aim so I didn’t take him out!  It always feels so good when your real world life is made a little easier by the time you’ve spent in the gym!  I’ve only been back for a couple of weeks and at that, only a few days, but I already feel so much better and I’m excited to get stronger and fitter as time goes on!

This week on the menu (because I do that again, yay!) is a turkey & beef lasagna made with zucchini noodles, some Curry Coconut chicken breasts served on roasted butternut squash and possibly some barbecued chicken & sausage skewers with green goddess cauli to go with!  The Curry Coconut chicken breasts….I sort of hope are crappy.  You see, I bought a seasoning packet with nothing in it besides recognizable, approved ingredients…..but I have NO IDEA where I bought it from….which means if they are amazing, they are a one off because I may never find the mix again!

That’s it for me, I’m simply going to try and make it through the day.  Unfortunately I left my lunch on the counter (waiting for it to cool off) and then fell asleep.  Ray apparently had tunnel vision and managed to only put his own lunch in the fridge before he went to bed and mine sat out on the counter overnight.  An already dressed container of salad (with salmon in it), a shrimp & egg omelette and some leftover grain free pizza.  Since the only thing that was even somewhat salvageable is the pizza, I’m going to be extremely hungry today!  Lots of tea and water, I guess!

Do you follow me on Twitter?  If not, go click the link!  If you use Instagram, find me there too as ladyshanny.  Sometimes I can’t always post pictures (at work) and they’re usually all up there!


2 thoughts on “Homestretch?

  1. Gah, I remember the days of getting, chopping, and storing our wood for fires. I do love a wood stove, but damn it was a lot of work!

    Kudos on staying strong with no sugar!!! I’m in the midst of the whole30, and I’ve had sugar twice 😦 15 days left!

  2. I remember those wood stacking days back from my childhood. I HATED it then, I would LOVE to do it now! The fresh air and exercise and hard work would feel great! Love that you did that.

    Also wanted to mention, you’re doing great with your plan to feel better. I can already see a difference in you – the light is back on in your eyes!


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