A Shade Less Dark?

Good Morning.  A week has gone by since I decided I needed to do something to change my personal tide and try to avoid drifting into depression.  As you can see by the title of this post, I may be on the right path!  Last week my biggest goals were to completely avoid sugar of any type (sweetener, chocolate, honey) and to get a long walk 6 out of 7 of the days.  Although it wasn’t actually on my list, I was also aiming to avoid dairy and alcohol.

I did pretty well, no sugar passed my lips and I walked 24.6 kilometers over 5 days.  My body definitely appreciated the cleaned up diet and responded by giving me better sleep and a slimmer physique. 

It wasn’t necessarily easy to drag myself out for a long walk every day and it was a bit of a mental battle the first couple of days in avoiding the turn off on the trail that would take us home after 2km, but it you don’t change things then nothing changes, right?  It feels good doing something to help yourself though and everything that I put on my list is designed to help me feel better. 

This week the stakes increase a bit.  All the same stuff as last week; no sugar, no potatoes, proper bedtime, lots of hydration. Added this week though is an early morning gym day (planned for Wednesday) as well as going to get a haircut.  I’ve been avoiding the haircut because I really just felt like I didn’t have the mental energy to go through the whole process.  I maybe still don’t, but as I said above, make change to see change.  Plus, my hair looks like crap. 

WEEK TWO:  October 1 – 7

  • No sugar, sweetener, honey, chocolate
  • No potatoes
  • Lights outat 8:50pm
  • 4km (or more) walk 5 out of 7 days
  • No eating after 7pm
  • ONE early morning gym day, do whatever for an hour
  • 3 water bottles + 1 tea (or 4 water)
  • Get Haircut!

It’ll be a little more work this week making sure I prep myself for the gym and the haircut, but once it’s done I’ll feel good about having done it so hopefully that’ll be worth it. 

While I’m not actually putting it on the list, my goal again this week is to limit dairy and avoid alcohol (and yes, I realize that wine has sugar in it, I don’t consider that a failure).  When Ray got home on Saturday afternoon we sat down and had a couple glasses of wine together and then went to the pub for dinner (salad with prawns for me).  Coming home we had another glass of wine and then lounged on the sofa with the dog and watched a movie.  Well….they watched a movie, I fell asleep.  I went to bed after the movie and things started to go sideways.  I was so dizzy and so nauseated for about 4 hours, it was unbearable!  We’d stopped drinking at 9pm (after 3 glasses of wine) and I was still fully tipsy at 7am the next morning.  Only, I don’t think it was tipsy, I really felt like I’d been poisoned.  I’m definitely no light weight, I can drink (especially wine) no problem….so why then was I so wrecked after three glasses?  Ray figured dehydration but I didn’t really think so, I’d had tonnes of water all week!  I thought alcohol poisoning but I didn’t drink enough for that.  So what was it?  Possible that after just one week of a cleaned up diet that my body rejected the wine that vigorously??  Alas, I will avoid alcohol this week again, that was a fairly decent sign that my body didn’t want it.

So, now begins Week Two of my Four Week Feel Better Plan.  Again I don’t think I’ll be on the blog too much over the week but I’ll be sure to update on Monday.



1 thought on “A Shade Less Dark?

  1. I’m leaning towards agreeing with Ray on the dehydration. Couple of glasses of wine instead of water can throw you off even if you were well hydrated during the week.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better and I wish you cointinued success this week!

    (Also you’re making me want to also go get a haircut…)

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