A Brown Theme

This week is going to be one of the busy ones for me.  Fortunately Ray is on dayshift so he gets to help!  Instead of worrying right now about what I have to do this week, I’m going to recap the weekend instead!

Saturday was a lovely day and we hung around doing not much of anything until around 3pm when it was time for our Super Date of Fun.  Ray’s been talking about taking me out to a resort town at night (near where we mini golfed) because it’s a gorgeous walk through a seasonal area and the lengths that some people go to in decorating their spot is something worth seeing.  So we piled into the car (we brought our third wheel with us) and started out.  Since where we were going is a couple of hours away we had some rest stops already planned. First, gas, at which point Ray decided he had to have a chocolate bar. I temporarily suspended my “no eating in the car” rule (I’ve had this rule for almost two decades now) so he could munch and drive.  And wouldn’t you know, at the next stop when he got out, there was chocolate smeared into the driver’s seat and all over the ass of his shorts.  GR!  Dinner was salads eaten outside and then on we went.  We chose to take the backroads all the way out and as it was nearing evening, the farmers were spraying their crops with fertilizer.  By fertilizer, I mean shit.  By shit, I mean there are big sprinklers which shoot liquid pig shit into the sky to drift gently back down to earth and fertilize the crops.  Unfortunately one particular sprinkler was too close to the road and there was a slight breeze (deadly gust) and my entire white car (and the dog’s head which was happily hanging out the window) became coated in liquid pig shit.  Gag.  Upon arriving to our destination, Grace apparently had some sort of fit when we got out of the car and managed to throw Ray’s fast-food cup of Coke into my seat, splashing it on every surface including my cream coloured fabric roof.  Needless to say, the Super Date of Fun, involving melted chocolate, Coke-soaked-seat and shit sprinkler, caused approximately three hours of Less Than Super Fun cleaning of the Jetta on Sunday!  (the No Eating In the Car rule is BACK ON!)

Sunday Tara and I ventured into the US to make a quick trip to Trader Joe and Target.  Many thanks to Girl Meets Paleo for your Instagram of the Coconut Cream earlier that day!  Trader Joe is a bit of a bust as far as being completely grain free.  We did get a lot of cheese though so that might have made it worth it.  A stop at Target for all sorts of things that I can’t buy here (or are super expensive) and then we hopped back into the car and jetted towards home.  We jetted along the I-5 until we stopped jetting….and sat in an hour long border lineup.  It was a bit of a long day (especially for Tara who had climbed up the side of a mountain that morning!) and honestly, not really worth it.  Next time, no border crossing on a back-to-school long weekend!

Monday Ray and I went for lunch with his daughter and her husband and then rode our bikes alllll over the place.  Having done all our chores earlier in the weekend, Labour Day was free of any sort of labour as far as we were concerned.  Arriving home in the afternoon we decided to lay on the bed and watch a movie.  Hunger Games. Haven’t read the books, had no idea what it was about.  So effed up, seriously!  The movie was really well done, the acting was pretty decent and the story was good…..if you can forget that it’s children killing each other while being completely manipulated by adults. 

This week we’ll be getting our house and yard into spic and span shape (do they still sell Spic N Span?), my dad and his wife are coming to stay with us for the weekend.  It’ll be the first time we have ever had overnight guests.  It’ll be a bit of a stressful weekend, we’ll be up to some less than heart warming chores regarding my aging grandparents.  Add to that the fact that my dad and I are not that close and that no one particularly gets along overly well with his wife and it should be a high tension weekend.  I figure having my house put to rights, the yard well manicured and food prepared and booze stocked up should help everyone feel more relaxed.  Or just me.  That’s alright too!


3 thoughts on “A Brown Theme

  1. Two decades since you’ve been driving would make us 38… please don’t speed up the already painful aging process! My gray hair will hear you and redouble it’s efforts to take over my head…

    Shit sprinkler… LMAO!

  2. Something about having the house in order (and booze stocked) definitely makes things feel better. Good luck this weekend!

    PS: Trader Joe’s Italian Truffle Cheese is TO DIE FOR!

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