Over Two Days

I started writing this yesterday and never got around to publishing it.  😉

Instead of secretly shaming myself, I had to give a chuckle this morning when my alarm went off at 6am and I realized that I “subconsciously” didn’t bother changing the setting on my alarm clock so I could wake up and go to the gym.  In hindsight I also didn’t review my weight lifting book so I knew where I was starting, I didn’t charge my Shuffle, I didn’t shave my legs and I didn’t put together my gym bag.  So, I chuckle because regardless of my “sincere desire” to go to the gym this morning, I didn’t do a single thing to actually make that happen.

I should have known better than to just assume that I would toss aside this lovely habit I’ve cultivated of hanging out in bed until 6am.  I should have known better that in the days leading up to my Return To Gym Date that I should have been prepping and thinking about it and talking myself up to it instead of picking a date an approximate time away and then pretending that all is well.  All I really did was make myself feel better in the short term by picking a date in the future and then giving myself license to just do whatever because I am going back to the gym, I am, I AM! 

My thought process has since been updated, gym-dates have been written down and the whole schedule printed out (this works very, VERY well for me) and I have pre-gym tasks on my to do list (update & charge shuffle, review lifting book…and turn Workout A & Workout B into A, B & C because I just don’t have enough time in the morning to do them as they are written, find my shoes, etc).

Our whole week got turned on its ear this morning when Ray went from a 10-6 shift back to afternoons effective today.  It’s absolute BS………..but it actually does work much better than 10-6 for us.  Primarily it works better for him because he actually ends up with a bit more time to actually accomplish things.  And it works out better for Grace….who stayed home by herself yesterday from 9 until 4….and entertained herself by pulling all of the tea towels and dishcloths out of the hamper, flipping her bed over and making a fort of sorts and then finding, opening, shredding, scattering and eating an entire box of Aveeno Oatmeal Bath packets.  I would have taken a picture of that enourmous mess however when I came up the stairs to find oatmeal powder and shredded packets spread down the hallway, I gasped out loud.  And Grace?  Cowered.  Entire butt tucked under, head down, complete fear.  It broke my heart.  I kneeled down beside the mess and quietly told her to come over to me.  She belly crawled up the hallway, not looking directly at me, and the look in her eye was “It’s OK, I know I was bad, you can hit me.”.  I had to swallow pretty hard not to cry into her fur while I was hugging her.  Some asshole used to abuse her and that makes me absolutely ill.  She was a complete baby all night, crawling into my lap every time I sat down.  She was bored (obviously) and found something to entertain herself.  Not that I condone rifling through bathroom cabinets and eating the contents, but obviously we need to do something to keep her entertained when we’re at work.  That “something” will probably be fur-bearing.  Although as Ray said, maybe they’ll be bored together and make an even bigger mess!  We’ll wait and see how Ray’s shifts start to work out as the fall wears on and then make a decision from there.

*******and now on to today!

Last night I went and met with my tattoo artist.  Man alive, artists are a funny bunch….and I say funny but I actually mean “annoying as shit, cocky, d-bag”, but “funny” sounded nicer.  Anyway, he’s an alright guy, just a different breed.  Does nice work though and we finalized the design for my next one.  Next Saturday I’m getting this on my left back, over the shoulder blade.  The bottom bit of the design is going to change a bit and there are more leaves and swirls added to the top but other than that it’s pretty much like this.  It’ll be all black & grey.

Since that was right after work I got home a bit later and found a few nice surprises (no doggie mischief today!).  The first one was this new faucet that is installed in our kitchen.  It is HUGE but I love it.  It’ll definitely take some getting used to though, having something like this is way different than just a regular faucet!

I also was the very thrilled recipient of a 3 foot tall purple orchid and the movie The Lorax.  The orchid is gorgeous and was an amazing surprise. The Lorax is what melted my heart though.  You see, Ray owed me a gift of flowers from a couple of months ago when I spent two weekends in a row with his ex wife and ex in laws.  The agreement is that I swallow my discomfort during these times and be gracious and welcoming and HE acknowledges how difficult that is and is grateful for it.  This time the “bribe” was flowers.  Which never materialized.  Obviously they since have materialized and they are gorgeous.  He never buys cut flowers either, always a plant.  Which is very cool considering I have a bit of a green thumb so I get to keep enjoying the flowers rather than chucking them in 7 days.  Anyway!  The flowers are gorgeous and definitely welcome.  But the movie killed me!  I mentioned The Lorax one time, about a month ago, that I wanted that movie at some point.  Any gift which shows forethought, listening/remembering and planning is worth SO much to me (and to most ladies, I suspect?). 

Today after work I’m making two dinners, Lime Parmesan Tilapia and Imam Bayildi in casserole form.  I’ve already done two loads of laundry today and if I make two dinners tonight, that should free me up for working on my Getting Back to the Gym Plan for tomorrow night after work.

Have a great day, only three more working days to The Long Weekend!


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