Low Expectations

Why is it that lately every Friday I feel like I have barely made it through the week and am hanging on by the skin of my teeth?  I didn’t have very high expectations of this week since I knew it was Alien Week.  I usually don’t like to make too many plans or goals for this week because I am more often than not, disappointed.  I started out strong this week though and my goal was to walk Grace over 5 kilometers every day.  I actually achieved complete success on that one, with yesterday’s walk being 6.2 kilometers (I went somewhere new and ended up getting a bit turned around).  Ray is off today so I’m not planning on going for as long a walk today (if at all, I’m sick and feel like crap) however I give the week a gold start, I walked 23 kilometers in total, did a bunch of housework and made dinner every night.  Considering that I usually have pretty low expectations of Alien Week, this one was darned good!

Given that I feel like crap at the moment, I’m very glad that the weather has cooled off to a more liveable temperature.  Leading up to and during the nice weather I was itching for it, I donned as little clothing as possible at all times, wanted to feel warm sun on my bare skin and get all brown and sunkissed.  I wanted to sit in the driveway and drink chilled Rose and wear sunglasses and go for walks along warm waterside paths.  I wanted every window and curtain open and the house to be all bright and fresh and airy.  And now?  Strangely that all seems like way too much effort.  Maybe it’s because I’m not feeling well this week but I’m really ready for longer pants and hoodies, blankets on the bed and being able to snuggle my sweetheart again.  I’m ready for tea and slippers, for stew and chili.  Granted, maybe all this is because I’m a little off this week and by November I’m going to want to shoot myself.  But whatever, it’s where I’m at right now.

Last night after our long walk I came home and had an apricot smoothie and laid on the couch until 8 when it was reasonable to go to bed.  Grace didn’t bother coming to bed with me right away, just wandered in later and hung out on her mattress on the floor.  Then, around 8:45, someone started ringing our door bell like a psycho.  Having been woken up rather harshly, I donned my house coat and went to peer out our front window for a clue as to who was down there before I went into the dark entrance to open the door.  There was no car outside, and after a good minute or so when no one appeared to be leaving my front entrance, I got kind of spooked out.  Grace stood beside me while I was frozen in place and emitted a low and rather vicious sounding growl nonstop.  After what felt like a few minutes but was probably 45 seconds, I decided it was nothing and went back to bed.  And my dog?  Laid on the bed up by my head and growled pretty much nonstop until Ray got home 2 hours later.  Normally she doesn’t sleep with me, will just snuggle for a few minutes and then get down.  But last night she wasn’t up there to sleep, she was up there to keep watch and guard me.  It was a really odd and strangely comforting feeling.  She never did relax like she normally does (and when the phone rang at 9:30 her guarding instincts were reinvigorated), just growled on and off for 2 hours.  She had a purpose and no amount of my tossing and turning or shoving her out of the way was going to distract her from that.  When Ray got home and she heard him downstairs, off she went, purpose fulfilled.

I discovered who the visitor was this morning when I found this hanging on our mailbox. 

While I definitely appreciate these (and am also sad because they make mine look small and lame), I do not think that they justify ringing the doorbell of a dark house at 9pm on a work night.  Obviously not everyone is in bed at 9pm, but to me that is just too late to be making house calls with bags of tomatoes!

We’re going out for dinner tonight which is a nice surprise since Ray would normally be working until 10pm.  Tomorrow we’re doing a motorcycle ride out to a pitch n’ putt which I am desperately NOT looking forward to.  I hate golf, I feel like garbage and my Alien will not appreciate a 2 hour ride and then 3 hours of golf.  Not one iota!  Sunday morning we’re going out for breakfast with my mom and in the afternoon/evening we’re attending a “Pub Night” fundraiser for the place we got our dog from, Without Borders Boxer Rescue.  That I am definitely looking forward to!  Happy weekend to everyone!


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