No ice cream last night.  It was tough though, let me tell you!  Working my way through dinner & lunches and chores and dog-walking and thinking about my “treat” at the end of the evening and then remembering that I won’t be having a treat, that sucked!  However, I stayed solid.  And my reward?  I slept like a log!  Didn’t stir from bedtime until my alarm went off, no dreams, no itching, no nightmares!  It’s possible that it was a coincidence.  I choose to believe the two are related and so I will power on with my sugar embargo.

Sadly, even though I got a great sleep last night, today is shit.  I have a splitting headache/migraine, the shakes, my heart is doing its dance and I want to go to bed.  I’ve been medicating with very strong rooibos tea filled with half hot water and half almond milk.  It’s what my body wants right now.  Water makes me feel like gagging, tea is where it’s at.  There will be no dinner making tonight, lunches will be a repeat of today since that’s already made and it’s possible that Grace will be getting a shortened walk and then a play in the yard. 

Now, an update to the grocery store “assault” thing.  I didn’t report the guy.  I didn’t even look into reporting him to find out if I could do it anonymously or if I could request my info be kept private.  Why not?  While I do believe that people shouldn’t be able to get away with violence or poor social behavior, it is so seriously not worth the hassle, my time or my energy to do anything about this.  Some idiot made some really poor choices that day but I’m not hurt and my property isn’t damaged.  Is what he did right?  Hell no.  But if I chalk it up as a dumb thing that happened then I don’t have to put any more time to it.  If I go report it then I am allowing more of my already precious time and energy to get used up on an asshole stranger.  My personal Shanny-spark could use more good times, laughs, smiles, respect and care; not less.  By dragging this further I feel like I would be dousing my spark a little.  I already have ongoing family issues, an ailing grandparent that is getting worse not better, a car accident that is still not resolved, a second car accident that is still not resolved, some pending out of town guests that will be enjoyable but also stressful, some struggles with leadership at work.  I seriously do not need to add anything else to the spark-dousing list.  And so?  That guy goes unpunished.  Hopefully he feels badly for his behavior.  Maybe he doesn’t.  I leave the whole thing with “what goes around comes around” and walk away.

It’s a short post today, maybe more tomorrow.  Then again, perhaps not if I go home, walk my dog and then go to bed.  Not much of a story to tell with that!


3 thoughts on “Shanny-Spark

  1. Do you like bananas? Frozen bananas are an awesome treat, and a quite tasty substitute for ice cream cravings. Slice one up and put it in an airtight container in the freezer for at least a few hours (I usually do this anytime my bananas start to get a little brown, cause I prefer them greener). Then take the frozen banana bits and throw them into a blender. Comes out with the same consistency of ice cream. AND healthy! I throw on some almond butter or coconut milk, and YUM!

    • Hi! Thanks for the comment, and the reminder about BANANA SOFTSERVE!!! I have made it before although my mistake the first time was adding cocoa because that made it quite bitter. Coconut milk over the top (or even a bit of melted coconut butter?!) would be delicious!


  2. I totally get why you didn’t report it. While the guy was a loser asshole who does deserve a kick in the ass – sometimes it’s best to just let karma take care of it, for your own sake. Persuing it would only stress you further and bring about more bad energy. And likely the outcome wouldn’t be worth it all in the end anyways. So you go about your buisness of taking care of yourself and he will get what he gets.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon and less stress ahead.

    As always, here for you anytime. xoxo

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