A Crazy World!

After a somewhat excitement (terror?) filled trip to the grocery store after work, I was very happy to arrive home where I found that both lawns had been mowed and all the dog doo disposed of!  Maybe our little chat about sharing the huge list of chores hit home a little?  Anyway, I put my timed schedule into place and started dinner.  Between 4:30-6 I had blocked off to make lunches and dinner and clean up.  While dinner was cooking I multi-tasked and finished the laundry and swept and mopped upstairs and downstairs floors.  When the last dish was washed and put away I was only 31 minutes over schedule.  I wouldn’t normally even worry about 31 minutes, but this whole “schedule keeping” thing is supposed to be designed to reduce my resentment, share out the workload and increase my downtime so 31 minutes wasn’t bad for the first go!  7-8pm was Grace’s walk and we hoofed it 5.6 kilometers around the park which felt great after a week of sweltering in the heat and not getting any real exercise.

For dinner last night I made Southwestern Succotash and grilled a pork tenderloin (rubbed with olive oil, S&P and set on the bbq for 20 minutes) and it was really good!  The tenderloin was nice and juicy (cook it rare and then let it sit for 5 and it doesn’t get all dry) and the succotash was very flavourful.  I was concerned over how spicy it was going to be but once again, Miss Girl Meets Paleo pulls off the perfect amount of flavor!  It’s not often that you find someone who cooks to your personal tastes so we’ll be making use of lots more of your recipes, my friend!

Tonight I’m doing my regular sausage stuffed mushrooms and I think I got tagged for vacuuming as my chore tonight.  Exercise-wise my goal for this week is for Grace and I to manage the Perimeter Trail all 5 days this week, rain or shine.  That’ll be 28 kilometers for the week if we can pull it off.

So, now I’ll tell you what happened at the grocery store last night and you tell me if you would report it to the police.

I was walking through the parking lot of the grocery store with a paperbag of groceries in one arm and my wallet, iPhone and keys in the other hand.  A car came tearing back out of a parking spot about to run me over.  I kicked the door of the car (with the flat of my foot) and yelled.  The guy in the car rolled his windows down and started screaming at me.  I was completely unfazed (if a bit pissed off) and kept walking to my car.  As I was getting in my car, the crazy man came tearing around the parking lot, tires squealing (just about hitting another lady) and was screaming at me almost unintelligibly.  I closed my car door and cracked my window and he got out of his car and started banging on the window of my car, screaming at me to apologize to him.  Having had enough of him laying his hands on my Jetta, I went to get out of my car.  I had one leg out and my arm out and the guy put both hands on my window and slammed me in my car door.  He then got back in his car and peeled away, almost hitting a third guy.  The two people he just about hit plus another guy and two people that they were with all came over to make sure everything was alright and they gave me his plate number and car model.

Here’s the thing.  If I report him (what would this be, assault?  Road Rage?), he would then have access to my name and address.  I’m leaning towards not reporting it.  I wasn’t hurt, my car wasn’t damaged and I don’t want a crazy person on my door step (although Kyle promises me that the police would have no trouble solving my murder!).  On the other hand, that is such disgusting behavior and the vindictive part of me wants to ruin this guy’s life.

So, do I report and risk it?  Or just move on and be vigilant that I never bump into this guy at that store again?

Weigh in!


3 thoughts on “A Crazy World!

  1. You are too sweet !! so glad someone else enjoys the recipes 🙂 I know what you mean about the sweltering heat no exercise thing! last night was the first night a walk was bearable lol about time!!

    I wouldn’t report it, but then again I probably wouldn’t have handled it as well as you did lol I’d be a sobby mess

  2. Is there a way you can report it anonymously? You could have been seriously injured when he slammed the car door closed on you – surely that must entitle you to some kind of identity protection so that he can’t come find you again!

    • Hey Glenda, thanks for the comment! I am going to put the answer in my next post, but until then: Although it was wildly unpleasant, I wasn’t hurt…and life moves along at such a fast pace that this seems like it happened weeks ago. While people shouldn’t be allowed to get away with things, the fact of the matter is that I am more likely to be inconvenienced more than it’s worth to report, request anonymity and then have to be vigilant until who knows when to make sure that the lunatic isn’t loitering around my house. Honestly, the whole thing just isn’t worth it to me or my time.

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