Pressure Cooker!

I started writing a post last night and I was going to post pictures and then I was going to go around and read blogs and comment (because people love comments!).  So what happened?  I melted, that’s what happened!  My back deck, the one in the shade, was 34C (94F) at 7pm last night.  I rubbed my dog down with an ice pack for awhile and then fed her a beef popsicle (beef broth frozen into a disc).  I ate ice cream.  I struggled to not eat the entire container of ice cream because it was cold and sweet and HOLY CRAP I was hot!

 Grace was bugging the shit out of me last night.  Our normal routine is that she eats while I make dinner, I eat and then clean up and once the dishes are done, we go for a walk.  I really thought it would be best that we not go for a walk last night, pushed-in-face dogs suffer just that much more in the heat and she was already suffering pretty good.  But she was driving me crazy!  Crying and pawing and woofing and making sad eyes.  So……we went.  In order to make sure I didn’t walk too fast for her I wore my flip flops and we went only about 20 minutes.  She was happy and I was happy she wasn’t bugging me, life was good. 

I’m going out for a business lunch today, first time in over 5 years that I’ve been invited, so I’m looking forward to it, got all dressed up and everything!

 I really promise to try the picture posting again tonight.  In the meantime though, here’s Grace’s story about how she came to live with us and what life is like now.  Eventually she’ll be published as a success story on the rescue website….when I get around to sending them some pictures!  😉


My name is Grace.  Well, that’s what they call me now.  I’m around 3 years old.    Some bad people threw me out of a moving car along a California freeway and I’m really lucky that I didn’t get hurt.  I spent some time in the LA Shelter and then I went to LA Boxer Rescue.  Jennifer from Without Borders Boxer Rescue came to visit me and while she was there she found me my new family.

 That Sunday morning I got put on an airplane and a few hours later my new Mummy & Daddy picked me up.  Now I’m a Canadian girl (I haven’t seen snow yet though, ask me in the winter if I really appreciate that!).  I didn’t know them but they seemed nice and I was really glad to be out of the airplane so I hopped into the truck and we were on our way home.

 I’ve been in my forever home now for a little over a month and I can’t imagine being anywhere else.  I don’t remember much of my old life but I do remember my manners and how to be a very good girl.   I’m starting to learn what toys are and that they are lots of fun when mummy or daddy chases me around the house and we play tuggy with them.  I love my snuggles and trying to sneak daddy some kisses on the lips.  I am a very good walker and mum and dad take me out for lots of long park walks.  I am a bit nervous around other dogs but once we sniff and say hi, as long as everyone stays polite, I’m good to go.  I am quick to try and defend myself if another dog tries to intimidate me.  I’m learning that I don’t have to be in charge though; mummy and daddy do that pretty well.

 I love food, I’ll do just about anything for a treat…except swimming; I didn’t really appreciate that.  I love blueberries, cherries and nectarines as treats; mummy tells me I’m weird that way.  I also have an uncanny ability to hear an ice cream scoop cutting through delicious vanilla ice cream from several rooms away and I can hardly stand waiting for a taste.

I went camping this summer for the first time and I had a really good time.  I found sunny dirt holes to lie in and bugs to chase.  I was a little apprehensive about the campfire the first night but I got used to that pretty quickly.  I really wanted to try a marshmallow but daddy put the kibosh to that.  The best part of camping was that we got to go fishing every day in The Big Boat.  Mummy & daddy weren’t sure how I would do but I just laid down and took a nap.  I got braver with walking around on the boat and eventually I parked myself on the bow and helped with the navigation.

Mummy & daddy also have noisy motorcycles, I did NOT like those at the beginning, and I would bark and try to chase after them.  Daddy’s buddy has some pretty noisy ones too and I don’t really like it when he brings them over.  I’m definitely getting used to them though, every time they get off those noisy things I get lots of rubs and kisses so maybe it’s not so bad.

I’m a relaxed, mellow girl, I love napping on my mum’s pillow and going for long walks every day.  I can’t remember my old life…but I don’t care, this one is everything I could have asked for.


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