A Little Ranty Today

Thank you all very much for the lovely comments regarding changing the focus of my blog.  I hope we’ll all be very happy together!

I spent some time last night tweaking up my blog now that I’m keeping it; I changed the tagline (although not that happy with it just yet) and added a bunch of pictures that will rotate through the header.  I also added a more current picture on the side bar since the one there was over a year and a half old.  Quite a few of the pictures that I added for the header are flowers in my garden.  Give them a little fertilizer, sunshine and some water and they go like gangbusters.  I’m going to be a flower in my next life!

My favourite photo that I took last night and cropped for the header is this one

So last night I came home after work and all I wanted to do was make dinner and sit on the sofa under the fan for the evening.  Unfortunately my plans were toast as soon as I got upstairs.  The garbage wasn’t taken out, the dishwasher hadn’t been emptied, the load of laundry wasn’t switched, the fridge from the motorhome wasn’t cleaned out.  And that wouldn’t even have been so bad except that when Ray is on afternoon shift I make dinner and then I pack that dinner for him to take to work the next day.  If I didn’t have to do that, I would have an egg or a smoothy for dinner and save myself the time, hassle and expense.  As it is though, I cook a proper dinner so he can take lunch and he also gets leftovers for his afternoon meal that day.  And before I go to bed every night, both meals are packed in the fridge and the kitchen is cleaned up and tidy.  So when I got home after work and found his dirty lunch dishes from the day before left strewn on the counter, the plate from his noon meal sitting on the coffee table instead of washed and none of the other chores done, I was a very unhappy camper!  I found it so incredibly disrespectful that I buy, cook and clean up in order that he has a proper meal at work and he couldn’t even be bothered to wash his own dirty containers, just left them for me to do.

I got myself worked into quite a tizz about it.  The day before, after working all day, I’d mowed both lawns, walked the dog 5.6km in the heat, made dinner & his lunch (lime crusted fish with mashed cauliflower and yellow beans), changed the sheets on the bed and started two loads of laundry.  Not an unearthly amount of work but when, the next day I wanted to sit and chill but absolutely nothing had been done AND extra dirty dishes got left for me, I felt totally disrespected. 

It’s a total guy thing though; “I forgot” or “I didn’t notice”.  It’s actually impossible to have a proper argument about something when the response from the other party is “I forgot.”.  At least I feel like a jerk for being mad at someone who legitimately forgot to do something.  On the other hand, how many times is forgetting and how many times is lazy and assuming your wife will just take care of it?

Anyway, enough bitching about that, I made my point with Ray last night over the phone and also because I cleaned up the entire kitchen (after making absolutely delicious meatballs in tomato sauce) but left those same dirty dishes sitting right where they were on the counter.  Magically this morning they were gone……presumably tucked into the dishwasher……..but presumably will have to be pulled out and properly washed if he wants to be able to pack his lunch for today.  Whatever, it’s so petty that I got myself worked into a froth over two dirty dishes….but it didn’t feel petty at the time, in fact it still doesn’t.  It felt representative of being taken for granted lately and I didn’t appreciate that.

To make my meatballs last night, instead of using bread crumbs or oatmeal (obv!) I minced up a cup of mushrooms in my Magic Bullet until they were just about paste and then I fried them in butter until they were crispy.  Added that and parmesan cheese, seasoning and an egg to the meat and made nice fat meatballs.  The mushrooms worked out really well to ensure the meatballs weren’t too dense and now I’m all brave about it and I’m going to try meatloaf again!

Tonight on the plan is taking the bathroom plumbing apart.  I dropped my eyeliner down the drain this morning and I’d really like it back before it gets soaked in water.  I don’t think it’s that hard to take the trap off so I’ll give it a shot.  Worst case is that Ray has to fix what I’ve fixed later.  😉

I’ll also post some pictures tonight to the blog by request, mostly of our vacation this past month.


2 thoughts on “A Little Ranty Today

  1. Welcome back! love the new pics and the new sidebar pic! I’m glad that Ray squirrelled his dishes away when he got home last night so they were gone in the morning…

    Did you make MY lime crusted fish?

  2. Feels terrible to be disrespected and disregarded like that. You’ve every right to be annoyed.

    Love the photo! That’s very cool. You take some great pictures – and the one of you and Grace in the sidebar is gorgeous! It’s the perfect capture you and your life right now, you look very happy.

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