Amazing Grace

Not the song, Amazing Grace, the dog, amazing Grace!  Well….her name is technically Gracie but we prefer Grace and she doesn’t really care!

Saturday afternoon we got a call and a few pictures and a very small write up about Grace and we were told if we wanted her that we just had to say so and she would be arriving by airplane to Vancouver International Airport on Sunday at 2pm.  We said “Yes” and now she’s here!  We are absolutely thrilled with her, she’s calm and so sweet.  She’s three years old, walks amazingly on a leash (full heel with no prompting) and absolutely loves us.  Us.  Both of us.  Me included.  That was (perhaps irrationally) a fear of mine because our previous dog had been with Ray for 8 years before I came into the picture and she and I never really bonded.  This one though?  Loves me too!

Her story is kind of sad, she and her brother, a chihauhau-weiner cross, were abandoned on the side of a freeway in San Francisco.  The authorities found them and turned them in to the shelter.  The little brother dog was adopted but they were having a hard time adopting her out so they contacted LA Boxer Rescue figuring a more specific rescue organization would help.  While she was at the shelter in San Fran, a pitbull escaped his run and bit her in the side so she came to us with her left side a bit bald and having just had her stitches out.  Even after her dog attack she still has no aggression to other dogs and just wants to play with them.   She knows sit, stay, lie down, shake a paw.  She is also…..fat.  She’s a little sausage with legs, around 7-10 pounds overweight for her size.  They figure she was probably even fatter before she got into the shelter system because they certainly don’t feed them enough to maintain her mass!  The girl who brought her to us said that normally when they come out of the shelter system they are little bone-racks…..we’re not even positive this one has bones!  LOL!

She loves to walk, gets very excited when her leash comes out but she is also very obedient and will sit down to get her leash on and stay seated while you open the door until you invite her out.  Very well behaved.

I won’t be a crazy loon of a new dog owner and talk about her exclusively or bore you with nothing but pictures of her, I know that she’s absolutely adorable and sweet to us and that gets boring for other people.  However, today is her 3rd birthday, the day she became a Canadian and her first day in her forever home and that means she gets a few pictures on the blog!


Warming her belly on sunny concrete while Ray and I had a driveway beer in her honor!

About an hour after we’d gotten home. Waiting to eat for the first time.

We were having a chat about how sweet she was. Obviously she was soaking that up!