How Not To Start Your Friday

At 3:58am this morning, after having been awake for approximately 45 seconds, I walked into the kitchen and did an endo over the left-open dishwasher door.  Goose-egged both my shins, scraped one of them up, smacked my head and broke all the fingernails on my left hand (no idea how that happened!).  It was so startling that I started to cry.  Lame. 

I never normally go into the kitchen from that side and I really don’t know why I did today but let me tell you, not a great way to wake up!  What is even less great is the following conversation with my honey moments ago:

S:  Did you hear the big commotion in the kitchen at 4am this morning?

R:  No, what happened?

S:  Oh, I did an endo over the dishwasher, bashed my legs, smacked my head and sat on the floor bleeding and crying for 5 minutes.

R:  Hunh.  Did you get the email about that dog I sent you last night?

S:  OK, so we’re done talking about me then….ok, good to know.  (screaming silently)

He’s a good guy, just a little…..well……guy.

Anyway, I did end up going to the gym this morning, throbbing shins and all and did the second workout in the second stage.  It wasn’t as hard as the first one so I don’t think I was pushing myself at maximum weights but I’ll rectify that next week!  So my comeback was launched on Monday and I have stuck to my comeback goals for the week.  All good.

Tomorrow we’re hosting a barbeque for my family.  This is the one that was supposed to be hosted while we were out camping but due to flooding our camping has been cancelled so we decided to do it in our front yard.  Due to rain the front yard has been cancelled so now we’re doing a camping-style get together in our living room.  Not cool.  REALLY not sure how this is going to work out, 9 people all sitting around staring at each other?  I was really excited about the whole thing back when we were doing it at a campsite and then outside.  Now I’m just apprehensive and kind of annoyed about it.

My dad will be there, I haven’t seen him in three years and my grandparents haven’t seen him in over 12 and haven’t approved of him ever.  My mom will be there and she hasn’t seen him in forever either but she’s a drama queen of the first order so that should be entertaining/horrifying to watch. 

On a high note, I made a completely grain free chocolate layer cake to serve for the dessert.  Only…now that it’s done I’ll be going to the store to get a bought-cake.  Why, you ask? Because the grain free layer cake is gorgeous and delicious and expensive and I don’t feel like serving it to people who don’t give a shit about whether they eat grains or not.  So, grain free chocolate layer cake with cranberry orange filling and chocolate ganache frosting for me and store bought tuxedo cake for the fam.  😉  I’ll post a picture of the cake once it’s all done….probably on twitter so if you don’t follow me, click the button there on the left!

I’m a busy bee tonight after work, cutting down a tree in the front room, vacuum and clean the main bathroom and frosting the cake.  Then walking 4km to the pub to meet Ray for dinner.  Doing a little DVD project tonight.  This weekend, hanging out with my sweetheart enjoying what we really hope will be our last two days of non pet ownership, fingers crossed that we have a fur-buddy coming in on Sunday night.

Happy Canada Day!


5 thoughts on “How Not To Start Your Friday

    • LOL, it’s great when people can relate to each other, especially to the stuff that makes you want to scream into a pillow! Thanks for the comment!

  1. Shannon – found your blog by way of Tarable – great read! I wanted to let you know that I have a GREAT quinoa chocolate cake (and will not cost you an arm or leg) to make that is phenomenal – if you want the recipe, email me at

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