Boating, Planting, Riding

The sun is blazing in through my window at the moment and I’m a split between happy that it’s sunny and annoyed that I have to work instead of being able to just hang out on my grass!

I have tonnes of pictures today so here’s the weekend recap.

Friday afternoon I had what I can only assume is mild anxiety, I was overly sensitive to noises, irritable and in general feeling like I was going to crawl out of my skin at every turn.  What is not great for that is getting into my car as the passenger in a torrential downpour and feeling completely out of control and like we were going to crash at any moment.  After three or four instances of me gasping or shrieking “slow DOWN!” and Ray and I bickering about whether or not I was being ridiculous or he wasn’t paying attention, I just had to close my eyes.  That feeling is not one I’ve ever experienced before and I did not like it, not one bit!  I’m not sure where this has come from or what triggers it and in the moment there is bloody nothing that I could do to make it go away. 

Friday night we got a call regarding Olive and the sad news is that her current family has changed their minds.  It’s a bit of a twisted story but the ultimate result is that Olive gets to stay where she is happy and comfortable and loved and we will continue our search for our new dog.

Saturday morning I thought sleeping in was a good idea and Ray thought bouncing on the bed chanting “waffle, waffle, waffle” was a better idea so off we went to a neighboring city diner that we like where he had his precious waffles and I bleary-eyed ordered a bacon & mushroom omelette with no cheese and salad on the side rather than hashbrowns.  (being woken up by a 54 year old man having a waffle-tantrum is possibly the funniest thing I’ve experienced in recent history)

After breakfast we headed out to the campsite where we’re supposed to be staying this coming weekend.  Our province (British Columbia) has been experiencing some wide spread flooding due to the snowpack melting and the heavy rains we’ve been having.  We thought we should go and check on our campsite since it’s right along a river.  So far the river hasn’t flooded into the area but the water table has risen so much that the seepage up from the ground is incredible.  *******update:  as I typed this Ray just called me and said that an area north of us received 100mm (4”+ of rain over a 12 hour period, their entire month’s worth and all that water will be coming our way in about 4-6 days….right in time for the weekend……so we’ve officially called off our camping********

This is where we would have been staying next weekend. Sad.

We headed over to a neighboring campsite to take a look and they have definitely been flooded by the river.

The left side is normally gorgeous riverside campsites.


We headed towards home a different way than we’d come in and encountered a “Road Closed Due To Flooding” barricade.  Ray, not one to be deterred by something so petty, decided that my Jetta (MY JETTA!) was fully capable of making the crossing and we ended up going boating, Volkswagen-style. 

Can you see the look on my face??

The rest of Saturday we hung around home watching it bucket with rain and then finally decided that we were stir-crazy and called a spontaneous pub night.  The pub we love (John B, Tara) has a huge round table in the middle with an enourmous fireplace in the center and that’s where we sat and drank dark maple beer and watched the rain gush down outside.  Very nice evening!

Sunday the skies had cleared and it was time for the wagon to get planted.  I kept to my $20 budget and got enough orange, black and white flowers to fill up all the pots. 

See? Sunshine!!!!

I dug one of my garden roosters out, plunked him in the corner and parked my wagon in the front yard.  It was very difficult to get a decent picture of it but rest assured, it looks awesome!  And as it will be sunny again today, the new flowers should settle in nicely!

Finally done!

We went for a motorcycle ride yesterday after planting and then came home and toasted a successful ride with a beer in the driveway.  Dinner got made and then we hopped on our bicycles and took a hilly, sweaty ride to Dairy Queen for a small treat and then pedaled (all uphill) on the way home.  It felt so, so, SO good to burn up my leg muscles on the hills and breath hard and sweat.  SO GOOD that I anticipate having no problem going to the gym tomorrow morning!  

After work tonight I’m going to go for a walk/jog in the park and then my front garden needs weeding.  Since our camping is toast we’re going to be hosting our family bbq at our house rather than a campsite.  My dad has never seen our house and I haven’t seen my dad in almost 3 years so of course everything needs to be absolutely perfect.  We’ll be busy this week cleaning and cooking and errands because even though we’re not going to be able to get away for three days camping, I don’t want to spend the long weekend at home sucked into doing chores and errands, I want my three days off and that means I’ll work hard this week to make sure everything is done!

I’m off to go and open my window and let that warm summer air in before it’s gone!


8 thoughts on “Boating, Planting, Riding

  1. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! I am so jealous of your rain! I live in Colorado and it has been so hot and dry here, there are 12 wildfires burning in our state right now… Not good news!

    • The beer was so good! It was technically a Chai Maple Ale….black as ink, too!

      The black flower is actually just a Black Satin Petunia! I’ve never really like petunias, I find that they go leggy too early in the summer but I couldn’t resist carrying on the black and orange Harley-Davidson theme and they were the only black flowers I could find!

      • The aeonium is a sort of succulent so I don’t know if you can get it where you are…but that black satin petunia is beautiful. And I’m gonna see if I can find some of that Chai Maple Ale…

      • The actual beer is Whistler Cheakamus Chai Maple Ale, not sure if they sell it online or not but I imagine they can’t be the first ones to come up with that….although, maple being a more French-Canadian thing, maybe they are?

    • Thanks, I love it! So far it hasn’t been very sunny since the day I planted it….but the black deck of the wagon heats up in even just a little sun and the flowers seem to really enjoy that, sort of like a greenhouse from the bottom!

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