Shifty Drifty

Wow, I really haven’t been able to get my feet back under me since the potato/tequila fiasco this past weekend.  I haven’t been to the gym yet this week (was supposed to go yesterday and this morning…….slept right through both of those!), I’m not motivated to cook properly (veggies are going to waste in my fridge which is very unusual!) and it’s been a raining bastard outside so we’ve only taken one short stroll. It was quite warm out for our stroll last night but we got soaked in a misty rain.

I’m pretty sure I’m low on iron and that’s causing part of my lack of energy problem.  Picking up the liquid supplement tonight so that should help.  There are a few other things going on though that are occupying my mind and energy.

First, on Monday when I was heading home from work, a huge flat deck tow truck side swiped my brand new car.  Less than a month old.  I could have puked!  So now I have another adjustor appointment to deal with and then repair shop etc.

Second, the chic at my insurance company is not happy with me that I’m only doing a couple of treatments a week since it would then appear that I’m complaining about ongoing injury but not doing anything to help myself.  I explained to her this morning, through clenched teeth, that there is a limit to the amount of money that I have and the insurance company paying $20 on each $100 is not particularly helpful.  I suspect that there will be a request-to-settle letter in my mailbox in the next month or so.  I was advised by my neighbor who is a lawyer, that I document every single day what happened and how I felt since the accident so that I have grounds with which to refuse to settle just yet.  I can do that because I jot everything down in my date book, but it’s a lot of extra work that I have to find time to do.

Third, Ray and I had a little squabble last night about my “obsession” with my fitness and weight.  I did not appreciate that.  I understand why he would think that but he sometimes has trouble understanding that if I am to maintain or improve myself then I have to give it a large degree of my attention and time. 

Finally, tomorrow is the 10 year anniversary of Ray’s dad passing away.  He’s a little on edge (hence the squibble-picking last night) and unfortunately I can’t be with him tomorrow because of my own family commitment.

On to happier news things that are also attention grabbers in my world these days.

First, I have the next two days off.  I’m free until 1pm tomorrow at which time I’ll put on a pretty dress and go watch my mom graduate from university.  Then we’ll all pile back in the car and endure 3 hours of “quality family time” with my grandparents…whom I assume will have passive aggressive or possibly blatantly rude comments to make the whole time.  Fun.

Second…..and perhaps most importantly and very excitingly.  Ray and I are expecting.  Yep!  There’s a little girl in our future.  Her name is Olive and she’s three.  She’s currently living on Vancouver Island and there are people hard at work right now arranging her transportation to our little family, hopefully this weekend.  I wanted to wait until I had my own picture of her to share with you, but I’m too excited. 

Meet Olive!  (you thought it was a child, didn’t you!  LOL!)

Olive (already nicknamed Ollie) will be with us in a few short days!

Olive is almost three, she’s a purebred boxer who had to be surrendered by her current family due to financial hardship and illness (theirs, not hers).  We had listed on our application that we highly preferred that our adoptee did NOT have cropped ears however she does.  It bugged me at first but I don’t care anymore, I’m just excited to get her.  She’s a smaller boxer, about 50 pounds, we think.  She’s been living with a Jack Russell and her current family hasn’t exercised her in over a year so she’s a little crazy at the moment.  She’ll settle down nicely into our routine and before long she’ll absorb our energy levels.  I’ll put up better pics when we actually have her and she’s not scared anymore.

So, all that above, it’s really no wonder that I’m drifty and unfocussed and motivated for everything but not able to carry out anything.


2 thoughts on “Shifty Drifty

  1. A very happy New Parents Day to you from an adoptive parent of 2 mini schnauzers, my little barking zombies. Your little girl looks so cute and will add a lot of fun and easy exercising to you, I’m sure. Sorry, but none of the zombies’ clothes will fit Olive so won’t be sending any on;-)

    • Thanks, we’re very excited! We don’t have her yet, still waiting for them to arrange her transportation over here. I love the term “New Parents Day” though, will definitely make use of that when she comes!

      I’d laugh and say “no clothes for the dog” but in reality she’ll probably have a light “running” jacket for cool rainy days and we already have a winter down parka that should fit her. I always thought coats on dogs was dumb, but they really are much happier when they’re a little warmer and drier. I realize dogs in the wild don’t have coats but then dogs in the wild probably don’t take themselves for 10 kilometer walks in a downpour. 😉

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