Crazy-Train, Let Me Off!

Night and frigging day, I’m tellin’ ya!  The difference in how I feel from this time last week just blows my mind.  I’m not sure if it’s just that enough time has passed or that I am stretching twice a day, icing every night and moving more?  Who cares though, it makes me excited that if I can just keep on moving forward at this rate then I’ll come out of this stronger, fitter and more flexible than I was before. 

I missed my massage appointment last night, like a complete idiot, I assumed that I was correct when I thought that it was at 6pm.  Had I looked in my handy dandy date book that has every single fact, experience, time and cost of my whole life in it I would have realized that the appointment was actually at 5:15pm.  Alas, I didn’t and I missed it.  I’m not that sad about it though.  I do feel badly that I wasted their time but I wasn’t super jazzed to go anyway.  Maybe it was subconscious that I “missed” it

Since I was so busy racing around trying to cram everything in before my alleged appointment, I didn’t have dinner until 7pm.  And dinner…..well….it was a bit strange.  I had a Larabar, some leftover fajita beef, a glass of carrot juice, two pieces of salami, a mini Lindt bunny and a blueberry smoothie with chocolate protein powder.  Random bits and pieces but effective…and surprisingly balanced, actually.

Today is Ray’s birthday and I’m meeting him at a restaurant about halfway between work and home and we’re having dinner together, just the two of us. 

It’s been a bit of a crazy-train in my family over the last couple of days and I am more than ready to get off at the next stop.  The emails and phone calls between myself, my sister, my mom and my grandparents number in the dozens and the subject matter is ridiculous and infuriating.  I texted my sister this morning that I am on hiatus until tomorrow morning from emails and ridiculousness.  Unless it’s death or destruction, I don’t want to know about it.  The comments that were hurled my way yesterday were over the top and inconsiderate, not to mention ill thought out and so today I’m taking a break from it.  I need my brain for work and after work is the evening that Ray and I celebrate his birthday and he deserves all of my attention and positive energy. 

In case I’ve whetted your curiosity over what was said, here are a few excerpts:

Exerpt #1

  • Gramma:  “I would be embarrassed to tell anyone that I couldn’t afford to do something that they’d asked me to do.”
  • Shannon:  “Well I’m not, it’s pretty standard for our generation to be broke and “can you afford to…” is one of the first things we consider.”
  • Gramma:  “Fine, then tell me how much money is in your bank account right now.”

Exerpt #2

  • Shannon:  “I have trouble having any sympathy for anyone who refuses to help themselves first.  If someone likes being sick then let them but that doesn’t mean they get special consideration in life.”
  • Gramma:  “Fine, then I have no sympathy for you.”
  • Shannon:  “Why on earth would you feel sorry for me??”
  • Gramma:  “Because you’re in pain so that’s your fault and I don’t have sympathy towards you.”
  • Shannon:  “I am in pain because I got hit by a car, not my fault.  But I don’t want or need any sympathy nor have I ever asked for it.”
  • Gramma:  “You’re in pain because you don’t eat grains and now I don’t feel sorry for you.”

Exerpt #3

  • Gramma:  “You don’t eat any grains?”
  • Shannon:  “Nope, and I feel fantastic, it can help with a lot of conditions and illnesses.”
  • Gramma:  “What, did you read that somewhere?”  (said in a condescending tone)
  • Shannon:  “Well, yes.  Research, books and articles.”
  • Gramma:  “Just because it works for you doesn’t make it real.  We’re just waiting for what you do to not work and then you’ll put all your weight back on, you’ll see.”

So all in all, not a great and uplifting conversation, but extremely amusing.  However, I don’t want to be “amused” today and so I’m on family email and phone call hiatus today.  J

Tomorrow is gym morning and back to my current nemesis, squats.  Hoping I can put a couple more plates on tomorrow and push through to where I was a bit more.  Have a great day, tomorrow is Friday, thank God!


5 thoughts on “Crazy-Train, Let Me Off!

  1. I’m not sure whether to laugh or cringe – I can’t believe a grandmother would say those things! You’re in pain because you don’t eat grains… really… (first of all, not eating grains is probably making your healing process go MUCH faster, but that’s beside the point because clearly you know that!) What a ridiculous, kind of hilarious but also just terrible set of interactions… I don’t blame you for needing a day off from that!

    • I think the only option is to laugh, unfortunately no amount of arguing proved very effective and our points of views differ quite wildly….mine being rational and logical and theirs being ridiculous and inflammatory. Ah well, they probably figure I’m ridiculous and inflammatory also.

      To each their own!

  2. Wow. I don’t blame you for wanting to take a break from the conversation. I’ve had family members criticize me for things that I do (or don’t do) that they might not understand, so I know how infuriating it can be. Taking a break is always my reaction when things start to get too personal and negative.

    On another note, I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and getting stronger. 🙂

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